Shout Outs for Valentines Day

Show some love, get forums awards! Simple! Read up, click the link provided, and continue to be awesome!

By: KSI ImPyyy 7

Do you know someone who does a ton in KSI? Someone who is just a joy to be around? Someone who needs a pick-me-up? This Valentines’ Day, KSI is letting you shout out those people and give them an award!

Head to the official Google Form submission link below to shout them out!

All you need is your Gamertag, their Gamertag, their Forums Link, and some kind words! You can shout out one person per submission up to three times! Then, on Valentines’ Day weekend, they will receive a special Valentines’ Day award that lets them know someone appreciates them.

News will compile the secret submissions and publish a story with them so everyone can see the nice things said about them.

But wait! What if the person you want to shout out doesn’t have a Forums profile? Just stick “N/A” in the URL field and shout them out anyway! Kind words can go a long way to making someone feel special!

So spread the word and get out there to show some love and get some members a special Valentines’ Day award before Friday, 14 February at midnight!

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