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Re-Cap: Fall Classic 2021

Did you miss this year’s Fall Classic? Well don’t fear, the News Team is here!

Did you miss this year’s Fall Classic? Well don’t fear, the News Team is here! Through this article, we will be recapping the scores, rosters, and announcements for the whole week! We want to personally thank, T&E, Productions, The LC, and all those who participated in Fall Classic! Your dedication and drive allowed us to have another successful event that will absolutely go down in KSI History! If you are want to know more about how to help out for the next event, or how to participate please message your Officer Staff!


Rocket League

FC: Rocket League 3v3 Results
1st: KSI NoBE 66 (SL)
2nd: KSI Fenny 77 (CS)
3rd: KSI Napster8 (SL)
4th: KSI Gambit 7 (ES)
5th: KSI Echo2365 (ES)
6th: KSI iChief (CS)
7th: KSI Kakashii 77 (BoD)
8th: KSI OddBa11 (WD)

Knockout City

FC: Knockout City 3v3 results
1st: (CS) KSI Infid3l
2nd: (CS) KSI T StackG
3rd: (SL) KSI ATH3NA 7
4th: (ES) KSI Barb 7
5th: (WD) KSI Hatter77
6th: (ES) KSI Frieza 7



FC: GTA V 3v3 Sumo Results
1st: (CS) KSI Uppish 7
2nd: (WD) KSI Hatter77
3rd: (ES) KSI VENUM 7
4th: (ES) KSI Moisty6136


FC: Apex Arenas 3v3 Kill Race
1st: (WD) KSI Akame 7
2nd: (ES) KSI Inked 7
3rd: (SL) KSI Revan
4th: (CS) KSI Kanao 7
5th: (ES) KSI Zakrasil
6th: (WD) KSI BigMack92
7th: (SL) KSI Napster8


Prominence Poker

2.KSI Tripped
3.KSI Barb 7

Warzone Duos

1st: (SL)KSI ATH3NA 7 and KSI Devil
2nd: (ES) KSI x Scorpio and KSI Killeraug
3rd: (CS)KSI Wolfpup and KSI Spark


Rainbow 6 Seige 3v3 Bomb

1st: (WD)KSI ANTI Jr
2nd:(ES)KSI Zakrasil
3rd:(CS) KSI Sungazer

Cold War Search and Destroy

1st Place:(WD) KSI AtomXGen
2nd Place:(ES) KSI Gambit 7
3rd Place:(CS) KSI KingdomX

Forums Poll

1st Place: Chaos Syndicate
2nd Place: Eternal Souls
3rd Place: Wicked Destruction
4th Place: Sovereign Legacy

Overall Scores for Fall Classics 2021

1st Place: Eternal Souls (34 Points)
2nd Place: Chaos Syndicate (31 Points)
3rd Place: Wicked Destruction (29 Points)
4th Place: Sovereign Legacy (20 Points)

Hall of Fame Inductees

Divisional Hall of Fame

Eternal Souls

KSI Zillah

Soverin Legacy

KSI Wu-Tang 7

Chaos Syndicate

KSI Grogu 7

KSI Uppish 7

KSI Fenny 77

Department Hall of Fame




KSI Soap 7

Web Ops Hall of Fame

Forums Staff

KSI DarkAngel 7


KSI VENUM 7 promoted to Cheif Adminstrative Officer

KSI ATH3NA 7 promoted to Leadership Council Coordinator

KSI Kanao(Tea) 7 promoted to Education Mentor

KSI Sleepy promoted to Education Assistant

KSI NoBe promoted to General of Prestige SL

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