Opinion: KSI – Our Community, Our Family

The essence of a community isn’t just about being in the same area as others, it’s about so much more than that.

The essence of a community isn’t just about being in the same area as others, it’s about so much more than that. As a global gaming community, we need to recall and define what the Community is within us and find ways to reconnect with that.

We can break KSI down into 2 titles; A community by gamers for gamers, or KSI, which stands for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. No matter what we call our community there is always something holding us together. The connection we have is based off of a mutual love for an empowering game. Or perhaps an urge to find others with similar interests and friends to bond with.

A community by definition is: a fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. We all have the same goal in mind. All we want is a game to play and company to enjoy it with.

KSI is connected by a more imaginative connection unlike the housed community you grow up in – not a group or houses or families or that weekly meeting you go to. The bond we connect with is invisible and stronger than nails.

KSI shares similarities with actual neighbors though. If you think about KSI in a broad sense we are a large city. Broken into different zones such as the Lower east side in Manhattan. Our divisions represent those and the squads are sub zones or the larger one. Every squad in every division is it’s own gated community building up to a larger city.

Now I know we are all different in many ways, from our taste in food to how we react to situations. However, together we are actually one. We stand together to support gaming at all stages of life from the youngest to the oldest members. From 15 to 56, we are all united.

Together, we stand to be leaders who know where and when to help and how to do so. We are strong because we can stand up for each other. Together we are more than just a gamertag on a console. Forever our community will be connected as one strong family. We share the love and passion for family and the games we play.

So regardless of your division or your squad we are all here for the same thing. We are a community, and we try to represent ourselves as something much bigger than that.

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