Monthly Member Spotlight: KSI Blood – January 2018

KSI Blood, the first Monthly Member Spotlight winner, shares his story and motivations here.

Introduction to KSI Blood: Member Spotlight

KSI Blood is still a relatively new leader in KSI, yet he has left quite a mark already. Not only has he impacted his squad drastically, his leaders beam upon his efforts and actively try to ensure that he is recognized for what he has done. He is the very first Monthly Member Spotlight in KSI history.

Quotes from leaders

KSI BadKitty 7 raves about Blood’s work as a general and dedication to KSI.

“Blood has come through DM and really left his mark. He goes above and beyond anything that I could ask of him in any position he has held. From taking over his former squad and running it flawlessly when his General had to take some personal time, to handling a squad split while he was in the process of moving, and finishing it within eight days. He keeps his squad motivated and active. He promotes activity on the forums, and through all department activities. He comes up with awesome ideas that can benefit his squad, as well as other squads in DM. He keeps his officers well informed and up to date on all things KSI, and is always looking for ways to better himself as a General.”

KSI Joe 7 causes some people to associate Blood with Miley Cyrus as Joe refers to him as a wrecking ball.

“He is always organizing his officer’s making certain that they are always staying on task and having an all around fun time. He is always looking for fun new ways to keep his squad active. Blood is always going the extra mile for his fellow KSI members always taking the time to get to know them doesn’t matter if they’ve been in KSI for a day or a decade. Blood has earned the respect of his officer’s and of all the members of not only his squad but also many from the other squads and the respect of the 7’s staff especially this one for all that he does for his fellow KSI members. Blood is a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to seeing him continue to live up to his potential.”

His Story

KSI Blood was recruited by KSI Gruntier on September 19th, 2017. As many recruits are when they first join, Blood was a very self-kept individual. KSI Gruntier 7, the general of the squad Blood had joined, showed him what it meant to be in KSI. They played Destiny together, Blood feeling as though he were appreciated for his gaming skills for the first time. Gruntier was promoted to co-founder not long after, which showed Blood the value of rising through the ranks.

The dedication of Gruntier, Blood’s mentor, allowed Blood to see the the changes that he could make for the betterment of this community. This inspiration lead to Blood’s goal in KSI: become Chief of Staff.

When asked if he had any nicknames, Blood states “I don’t know about nicknames, but I do have somewhat of a reputation. I can be very intimidating at times and people know not to poke the bear.”

The Future

Blood explains why he wants KSI Greg 7’s job. “When you get to a position like that, I believe that is where you can start to help progress and change more. There is so much I am willing to do for the community and this helps keep motivation for myself.”

Until he reaches Chief of Staff, Blood will continue to do amazing things for this community. “I have been called the people’s champion. I have a voice and I want it to be heard. My goal is to be what my division needs and adapt each time so that progress is always happening.”

This leader is simply a motivation to any up and coming leaders and new members. Such positivity affects all of those around him, spreading throughout his squad and his division.

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