Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Minecraft on the Xbox One

KSI Scotland 7 looks at the new features of Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Minecraft, a fan favorite game for everyone from family gamers to try-hard gamers.

There is no objective in Minecraft but to survive and to build structures from natural resources you find in the world.

There is also an game play “mode” in Minecraft called Creative mode. In this, you have a list of all use able blocks and items and can place any of them at will, you can fly and not be hurt and so can create virtually anything you want!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Minecraft on the Xbox one. There are a lot of questions people have been asking, and hopefully I will answer some of them questions in the rest of this article.

The reason I am writing this up now is because 4J Studios submitted Minecraft Xbox One edition for certification testing on the 29th of August, which from the history of Minecraft and cert. testing, should last around 2-3 weeks.

Even then that was too long, Minecraft Xbox One Edition has passed Certification and will be released on Friday 5th of September.

So, most people have been talking about not getting the Minecraft Xbox One Edition due to not wanting to pay for an entire copy, that they already own on the 360.

Well for $5, you can basically upgrade! If you already own the game, and, according to 4J Studios and Mojang, when you go to purchase it again, it will only ask for $5. Bargain I say!

Now, on to the new and improved features!

The old worlds and saves that you have had for the past 2 years on your 360, you won’t loose them, your saves can be carried forwards via the cloud onto your new console. When I say “via the cloud” this is a separate cloud to the one you would save your progress on other games on, this is a Minecraft specific cloud.

The most improved feature that I am excited about is the world size. Can you imagine a world that is 36 times larger than on the 360? Well yes, on the Xbox One edition, the world size is a staggering 36 times larger!

That means more and larger biomes, and more of pretty much everything!

Horses, so we have all been talking about this for, well forever. They have said they will be added in a patch update but still haven’t told us when that will be, much to my own dismay.

When Minecraft Xbox One Edition was first announced 4J Studios told us that the servers would have the ability to hold 16 players, however this unfortunately is – as of right now – not quite what we will be getting.

We will initially be able to have 8 players on our world, but this player count will be increased later on down the line to 16 people, but again this will be increased in a patch update!

I am excited. I have my $5 ready, do you?

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