Minecraft Mini Game Server: The Hive MC

On Minecraft’s PC version, there are many hidden jewels in the servers for gamers to enjoy.

Most people have heard of MineCraft. Minecraft is more commonly played by younger kids for its simplicity. Fortunately,  this game is played on all consoles and PC.

Playing Minecraft on any console is, as we know, limited to the features and options available to players. However, on PC there are hidden jewels within many vast servers.

For those that like playing games within games, there are servers for that.

For example: The Hive (play.hivemc.com)

The Hive has a huge variety of mini games available to players. Some ones that are fun to engage in include:

Death Run

Hide & Seek

Block Party

Death Run is a souped-up obstacle course where typically 2 players are aiming for you to die. Those two players are Deaths and they activate traps to, in turn, kill you or at least slow you down. The goal is to complete all the stages of the race and make it to the finishing portal before time runs out. Completing obstacles is not easy as some are parkouring with disappearing blocks.

Hide & Seek is a classic game, most people have played it as kids. The catch with this game is, well, you hide as MineCraft objects. You pick which object you wish to be and once the game cues up you run and find a spot to hide as your object. If you’re found, you’re killed and become a seeker. It is then up to you to help seek out the last hiders. The timer is only set for 5 minutes and either the seekers win or the tricky hiders will take the victory. Could you spot the odd block out? Could you be the hider that wins it all?

Block Party is an extreme version of freeze dance. You run around to music and when the tunes cut off, you have seconds to get on the correct color. If you’re on the color, you’re safe for the round. If you’re not, you’re going to fall out of the world and into spectator mode. Rounds get faster as the game progresses and the colors aren’t as easy to see as the light dims. Power ups do spawn in, but they can actually be bad for your game. Some can brighten up the view, making it easier to see. Basically, it all depends on if you get the power up and if you’re lucky.

The above are just a few of many mini games available on the server. There is something for every type of Minecraft player. From Builders to PVP champions, everyone can find a game they enjoy on the Hive MC.

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