Member Spotlight: KSI God Zeus

Please help us congratulate KSI God Zeus in being the member of the month!

Intro to Monthly Spotlight

Member Spotlight is a bi-monthly event in KSI where we nominate a member in any rank and a 7 from any part of KSI that has excelled in the past month and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and this is the article covering one of the Winners for the Member Spotlight in May 2018, KSI God Zeus has tied with KSI xKamikaze.

KSI God Zeus – Member of the month

KSI God Zeus was noted to be enthusiastic about being a new General, showing that he is more than able to take the challenge and keep his squad up to date on the events that KSI has going on being in Marketing. He has shown he is willing to train and promote people even being a General, and willing to be open and welcoming to his people as well as being a very patient person.

He has stated that when he became a new General he knew it was going to happen but not at the same time as most people have experienced and he has felt it being a great experience so far as being surreal, hoping that he gets his chance to leave his mark and make his squad great!

When asked about how it felt to win a Monthly Member Spotlight he had stated it was a honor to be recognized as a outstanding member in the community and to be appreciated by his friends and piers in KSI and his home Division.

Being a General can be tough at times and there’s a lot that most wont expect to happen to them but to problem solve is a key to every leader and when asked about how KSI God Zeus has solved problems or any tips he has for future members and leaders he said this, “Just be patient and have a clear mind with a open line of communication with the members and there will be hard times but you gotta stick with it and stay positive!

When asked about people who have mentored him or influenced him he made note of 3 different people who have impacted him KSI BadKitty 7, KSI Gambit 7, and KSI FluffyPup 7. It was noted that he has known KSI BadKitty 7 since he joined and that she has always been a great mentor to him and grown into a great friend that he has always felt comfortable coming to and looking for guidance on anything.

With KSI Gambit 7, he had pushed KSI God Zeus to become a better leader, not being worried about hurting his feelings because he wanted him to grow and that takes constructive criticism, even when they butt heads as he put it he appreciated everything Gambit had to say. Lastly he made a special mention to KSI FluffyPup 7 because him and FluffyPup have gone up the ranks together, Fluffy always being one rank above him, following each other through everything and problem solving together as both best friends and working members in KSI. God Zeus always appreciated his advice and what they went through together.

Last, but not least

Lastly, God Zeus has some words to all the readers of this article,

“Make sure you keep at it never give up on your goals and staying positive and patient even when its hard will be worth it in the end so never give up!”

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