Out With The Old, In With The News

Ladies and gentlemen – the News Show is back!

Ladies and gentlemen – the News Show is back! New name, new time, new Anchors.

The Knowledge News Network will be airing for the first time on Monday, July 23rd at 8:30pm EST on Twitch.tv/KSILiveOur theme for the first show will be “New Beginnings”. Featured guests will be KSI Scotland 7 and KSI Akame 7.

We need your feedback! “Community involvement” is the goal. “Awesome” is the vibe.

Want to be a guest on upcoming shows? Want to give your squad a shoutout on air? Want to share your KSI story? Go to the News Section or click on any of the links below to see how YOU can get involved in the News Show!

Featured Story Submission

Community Shoutout Submission

Guest List Signup

Joke Submission

Please direct any questions or feedback to KSI December 77 or KSI True 77


Stay classy.

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