Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

May 2020 Of The Month Winners!

Come check out KSI’s best-of-the-best from May 2020!

Every month the Awards and Achievements Program combs through numerous witness statements submitted by you, the KSI community. From those nominations, the AAP selects the member at each rank with the best overall witness statements as the best member at their respective rank for that month. Featured below are the best nominations for each of the May 2020 Of The Month Winners! Congratulations to all the winners!

Director: KSI Grifful 7

“Grifful has been over WD just over a month. He has helped the 7 staff out with many ideas that have helped WD in a way they were lacking.  He never says it has to go this way he puts the idea there for the 7s to take or leave. If one of us doesn’t understand it he will take the time to explain it so we all understand it. If he is not online and something needs attention he is just a discord message away you message him and he gets online to take of what it is.”

Division Leader: KSIxROMEO 7

“This man is a blessing to DM. He is a solid foundation for the division in so many ways. ROMEO can be found jumping from room to room squad to squad making sure he’s saying hello and gaming with all members. His knowledge of KSI and the support of officers staff is commendable. He will get right down in the trenches with officers and recruit or take a game night whenever needed. As a man that wears many hats, we all appreciate Romeo and he more than deserves this award.”

Co-Founder: KSI Shockr 7

“Shockr is a no-nonsense kinda guy. He takes on any problem presented to him and always handles it in a professional manner. he is easy to speak with on an array of issues concerning KSI and in RL. Though he has not been a 7 for long, it pretty obvious how he reached this position. He is diligent in what information he gives when asked and is a great mentor. Shockr hasna??t a problem stepping into any squad to help out whether it be to address a problem or just to hang out with members.”

General: KSI DrPepper

“The reason why she deserves this is because she is a great teacher, leader, and full of knowledge. If you have a question she usually has an answer and if she doesna??t have an answer she will get you one quickly. She is always there if you need someone to talk to or if you just want someone to play Xbox with. I also feel that she has made Discord a better and healthier squad in an overall.”


“LiViNgLiFe makes members feel welcome, especially when she posts fun activities in the chat to keep everyone involved. Her Sunday game nights are always a nice place to be to just relax with other KSI members. She is a diligent officer and I can’t think of any other captain to nominate.”

Lieutenant: KSI MrsBlitz

“MrsBlitz has helped out the squad so much and also helped take the stress off of me as a Captain. She has been recruiting a lot being as shy as she is and has been promoting people like crazy. She has been taking up the game night schedule for me to help relieve me of all the stress in real life and in KSI. She is probably the most helpful and probably the #1 in my heart for all of Elysium. Things can only look up from here for her in the squad.”

Staff Sergeant: KSI Slay

“Slay is a gem of a new officer. He is constantly trying to learn and get more involved in all of KSI. He has so many great ideas, from innovative game nights, and helping engage and get more members active with the squad always. He’s constantly jumping in parties to get to know newer members to make them feel welcome. He is very tenacious as he tries to recruit for as long as he can, till he could get a quality new member. Slay is always up for doing trainings and promotions, picking many of those up. I’m looking forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the future.

Sergeant: KSI Fenny

“Fenny has done tremendously in making herself as a well-known member throughout SL as a whole. She is always in a party with KSI members and trying to meet more people unless she is trying to recruit. She hosts great game nights, and she seems to be well respected by all that know her. Due to her hard work ethic, member retention skills, likable personality, and the will to persevere, she was recently promoted to SSGT.”

Forums Staff: KSI Starset 7

“He is always on top of what needs to be done. At any time someone in AAP has a question he is always there to give that answer. When a pic needs to be given for proof of an award members all know to give it to him and he then goes right to the app to post it to be verified. With everything that he has his in he always is on top of everything he does.”

Member: Slitpipes McGee

“Slitpipes McGee has been a wonderful addition to Elysium SL. When game nights are happening and I’m having trouble with Jackbox he gives me a hand and also offers up other jack box party games that I don’t have. Hes been getting involved with other plays and really finding his place here with us in Elysium. He also involvs his wife to our game nights although she isn’t part of KSI. He makes people fell welcomed, and is a very positive individual. He is someone who you can talk to on a bad day. Or if you need a laugh hes there to crack you up. Hes not afraid to ask for help or if he’s having  a problem he follows chain of Command, and finds the right steps to solve any issues that he may have. Also he’s been attending all or close to all our squad meetings since he was welcomed into SL.”

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