Inspired Minds: KSI HarleyGirl

Come take a glance into what makes Harleygirl so inspirational. Find out things you never knew, or maybe you did know. We dig deep into who inspired her, and how she’s become the leader she is today.

Art that Harley actually painted.

Before the conversation started, I was over the moon about interviewing Harley. I’d heard so many great things about her. After speaking with Harley I gained a completely new perspective of what it is like to go above and beyond for our community & its members. The beginning conversation gave me goosebumps in everything that she does for the members of our KSI family. How she is a teacher, and a mentor in a way I never thought someone could be over Xbox.

From teaching people to read over Xbox, to bringing them under her protective wing. I feel inspired just by talking to her about everything. She’s uplifting, kind-hearted, and all-around a great woman to talk to. Her stories honestly gave me goosebumps, and hearing how positive she is made me want to perk up. Her patients are just something to be admired, and I truly believe we all can learn something from this special WD General.

What is the best part of your rank? And why?

My nickname is Mama Harley, that’s me I am a mama to everyone. As the Mama of my squad, I love getting to know people and help them. Helping people understand that they are better than what they give themselves credit for. My rank helps me do that because I can mentor, and I like teaching the future leaders of KSI how to achieve their goals. If you don’t have respect then you mind as well hang it up because you don’t have anything.

You have to earn people’s respect. I think being able to mentor the staff below me and the members below me is one of the best things about my rank. Its been that way ever since I was a SGT. I love teaching the people, and teaching them that they can be anything. Though you have to have the mindset, and the respect of your fellow members. I like having this rank because it allows me to help people realize their potential.” 

What experiences have you had while rising through the ranks?

“One of my favorite experiences was taking the lead 101 classes, and KSI Gruntier 7 was the Education Mentor. He was very informative, and the people in the class were fun. We fed off each other & the discussions were fun & enlightening. Through Lead 101, I learned how to host workshops. To make them to where they are not so boring. I enjoy doing that, and teaching people that. So doing these workshops, I have a lot of fun doing those. I think those are my best experiences, and learning how to handle different situations. Solving problems, That’s fun for me.”

Would you do anything differently?

“I don’t think I would change a whole lot, but knowing what I know now and the way things are done. I think I would work a little harder in my lower ranks to mentor my fellow squad mates more. To get them to realize what KSI is about you know. As far as when I left XGN I was set on not joining another community. It was such a rotten experience over there, and Majesty tried for months to get me to join KSI. I told her when I joined I wouldn’t be an officer. I don’t want to do that again.

So when I joined I sat backed and I watched and I listened. Then I came to realize she was Sincere in her love for KSI. It’s not that I didn’t trust her, I just didn’t trust other people. So when she told me KSI was different I had to sit and watch and see for myself on my own terms. In doing so I changed my name and I started to move up the ranks. I think with everything that I learned in almost 2 years that I have been a member, I would work harder at bringing people in to show them what I see. I think the potential that we have to be a phenomenal division and community.”

What advice would you give to your past self?

“I think part of what advice I would give my past self, is going in with an open mind without any reservations. I’m the type of person who wants to fix everyone, and I’m learning that it’s not always the wisest choice. We’ve had some experiences that are as hard as trying to make things work. It just wasn’t going to work and it was just a bitter pill to swallow. I think the advice is to worry more about what is going on in the present and not trying to fix everyone. That it’s okay to not try to fix everybody.”

Who was your role model as a “younger” officer?

“Majesty for sure, she’s been teaching me about being an officer for about 4 or 5 years. She was my mentor in a previous clan as well. So I’ve learned a lot from her, I learned some things from Motto who was Samurai’s General before me. I have also learned quite a bit from Gruntier from his lead 101 class, and other interactions with him. A lot of times what they tell me is the same, and there are times where they are different.

Which is coming at it from different perspectives, which is giving me different learning experiences. I have learned a lot about what not to do and how to handle situations. I also learned what it means to have a family other than your immediate family. Not just the officers or the 7 staff, but regular squad members. Though Majesty, moto, gruntier, and even some things from Venum. I tend to learn things every day from people I hang with. Even from my staff I learn how to deal with things. So I guess you could say my squad, but my immediate role models would be the names that I named.” 

What is your why?

“My why is right now for the current situation that we’re in. My why is KSI, because my roommate is an hour away. So I don’t really have anyone else, I have my coworkers that I talk to, but that’s work. KSI is my WHY for existing for this to continue, but outside of that. KSi is my family, and people who don’t game don’t get it. The people that I deal with on a daily basis I do know. You know these are my family.

They know that if there is an issue you best pick up the phone, or get me to a party. You can yell, scream, rant, and rave and get whatever you have inside of you out. If you come to me and you say I need you, I need to vent, scream, cry whatever it is. I won’t get you in trouble, I may yell at you to get your crap together. I won’t get you in trouble and get you kicked out. Where if you go somewhere else you might. This is my family, and I love every single one of them to death. This is my why.”

What motivates you to keep pushing forward within KSI?

“Wanting to see Samurai and WD flourish and succeed as a squad and division. I would like to see us be able to split Samurai and I think that’s a very powerful motivator. I would like to be the one that does it.”   

Have you ever had a moment where you doubted yourself?

“No, to put it simply I don’t think doubt is the way I would put it, because I don’t doubt my capabilities as a gen. I may not fully challenge myself in my capabilities as a gen or as much as I should. Though I know what I am capable of and my squad. If I can find the right means to motivate them to get us where we need to be. So I don’t doubt myself, I don’t challenge myself enough to get to where I need to be. I need to start doing that more, I need to find my chi if you will. In making things happen, finding my resources, and using my resources in being able to achieve my goal in splitting the squad.”

Needless to say, after spending all that time talking to Harley. There where a lot of things that I loved about the conversations that took place. I found out how much we are a like, and how much I could connect with her on a personal level. She is a woman who loves to inspire the best in others, and I can say whole heartedly. At the end of the interview I was feeling more inspired to help the others with in my own division. I wanted to be the kind of person that my squad, and my division would be proud of. Thank you Harley for being so inspirational to your division as well as your squad!!

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