Looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition

KSI Itherael looks forward, and back, on the Dragon Age series ahead of the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The sequel to Dragon Age II has been given a release date, but first it’s time to talk about the plot of this newexciting game, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware, which is one of the developers behind the game has said the story to Dragon Age: Inquisition (which will be the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time) will be part of an investigation into a tear in the Veil which is the area between the physical area of Thedas (which is located in the southern part of the world that the dragon age games are set) and the Fade (this is the metaphysical realm that is also a part of Thedas).

The main character in this game is known as The Inquisitor. In the original game you were known as The Warden and The Warden Commander and in Dragon Age II, you were known as the Champion (short for Champion Of Kirk-wall, this was due to most of the story missions were set in the city of Kirkwall.)

Thankfully they brought back a feature that many loved about the first game and were disappointed that was not featured in the second of the series. You are able to pick from multiple races to be the main character to this game, the game is able to pick up on what race and class your character is and NPC (non-playable characters) will respond to one or the other, or both depending on what the situation you are in.

For fans who loves the dwarfs and mages, you can’t have a class that has both of these attributes because of lore reasons the developers have stated in the previous game. One of the characters, Sandal had shown promise of becoming a mage, but seems to no avail now.

The creative director over this new game has stated that if you start playing as a brand new character, this does not stop your old characters from showing up in the games to come, which could excite fans of the series meaning that your new character could meet the protagonist of the older games (not old game saves).

The overall location for the game will be in Thedas, but will be covering areas in Orlais and Ferelden. If you’re wanting to compare this new games map to those of the older games, Ferelden (which was the main setting for Dragon Age: Origins) is 4 times smaller than inquisitions overall size.

Bioware had said just the main story of Dragon Age: Inquisition (without playing any side quests) will be up to 50 hours long which is great news for those who love RPGs. Choices that can change a friendly exchange into a deadly fight has also been given more of a role in this game, with 40 different endings possible and more still to be revealed.

Bioware had said that the overall story plot is to save the world from itself, continuing on from the other games, The Mage and Templar conflict (which in the first game was not as bad) has escalated into a fully fledged war which had been escalating a lot during the story of Dragon Age:II.

To quickly talk about a part of the game-play fans have been waiting for, some have expected this game to be an open world environment like quite a few other games recently such as Grand Theft Auto V, which fans loved. Unfortunately, Bioware was quick to clarify and point out that this was untrue, but would have area that have larger open areas which will allow players to wonder around exploring for hours.

It has been said that there will be around 10 giant areas that are available for extended exploration. Possibly due to outrage of this fact from the previous game, you will be able to do side quests and missions after you finished the final story mission. In the last game, it was not possibly because it allowed you to play but no missions were available to do, which I felt very disappointed about.

What are your thoughts? Will you be getting Dragon Age: Inquisition? Why or why not?


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