Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Leadership Highlight: Respect

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. We have often heard that respect is earned and not given, while that is often the case we must also freely give our respect to gain it. We do this by showing our members that you respect their opinions, beliefs and interests. Earning a member’s respect creates a lasting friendship and also helps further establish that member in KSI. The gaming world can be harsh and often disrespectful, if gamers find respect in KSI then they will stay and help grow our community. There are two different types of respect; respect for a person as an authority, and respect for a person as a human being. Wea??re going to explore the difference between the two and how it applies to leadership.

Leading a squad or division can be extremely difficult but it is easier when your fellow peers respect you as a person of authority. When members respect authority, it promotes social order. This is important because it allows our squads and divisions to grow and flourish. Allowing our authority to consume us is a line we must not cross, there is a difference between dictatorships that demand respect and leaders that earn it. We must view our ranks as a way to serve our members, instead of a way to control them.

Having this perspective will help you grow in all areas of leadership and it is one of the best ways to earn respect. Keeping yourself accountable to your words and actions will establish a network of trust which is essential to leadership in any rank but especially in upper leadership. Members also tend to have higher respect for leaders when they show integrity, we do this by being honest with them and admitting when we are wrong.

Respecting someone as a person is the recognition of them as a unique and free individual. It also means that we recognize that each person has the right to make her or his own decisions. We must accept our members for who they are, even when they have drastically different beliefs or morals. Showing that respect is often paid back but do not demand it. When we respect our members for their own individual aspects it shows that we truly care about them. When a member plays with people that have respect for who they are, it promotes positivity in their life. This positive influence can change a person’s day in the blink of an eye and we must always remember that.

When leaders are worthy of respect, the people are willing to work for them. Their virtue is worthy of admiration, their authority can be estabished. When leaders respect an individual, that person is uplifted and feels a great sense of acceptance.

Written by the Information Team, contact KSI Food 7 if you are interested in writing materials like these for our community. Thank you for reading!

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