Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Member Spotlight: KSI Sleepy

KSI Sleep is truly one of a kind! come read his article to learn more!

The News Team and I had the pleasure of interviewing a newer KSI Member, KSI Sleepy! While he is still very new his take on being in the community is still one worth sharing!

What Is The best part of your rank? And why?

I feel like the Sargent rank is the bridge between officers, and members so they can connect the community together. That way it helps bringing member retention to its full potential.

What Experiences have you had during your time in KSI? Any favorites?

When I first joined I was hanging out with KSI DC 7, and KSI Uppish 7. They were the ones who got me into joining the EK server.

What advice if any, would you give to your past self?:

I’ve learned to be patient with myself and to take my time because I’ve learned that not everything happens overnight.

Looking back on what you’ve done so far. Would you do anything differently?

When I first joined, I would’ve gotten into workshops a lot sooner. When I first joined I didn’t think I wanted to rank up, but when I changed my name that’s when I started to take the workshops seriously.

Who is your role model? What have they taught you?

KSI DC 7 is one of my role models. He’s the one who recruited me, and he’s taught me how to be personal with things. He’s basically taught me everything I need to know. There’s also KSI Mercx, who has taught me a lot of things as well.

What is your why?

I was bored of not having people to play with since I’ve played professionally for 8 years, but then I saw an LFG from KSI DC 7 we played for a bit he told me about the community. I decided to join because I missed being in a Community-based place.

What motivates you to keep pushing forward within KSI?

The thought of my friend is what’s keeping me in KSI. We met when we were 10 and 11. We started playing comp running basic UMGs and GBs. He had kidney cancer at the time and had gone into remission, but after about a year, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away on March 13th, about 4 years ago. The thought of the things we did, and memories we had, has driven me to bring some sort of competitiveness to the community. Similar to how Headhunters worked. I’d love to have a place where all players can go, and try their hand at competitive gaming with no downside for trying.

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