KSI Weekly Update – Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One

The KSI Weekly Update panel discusses the differences between Xbox One and Xbox 360.

KSI Weekly Update returned for Episode 2 on Friday, March 25. The topic was Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One.

The panel, made up of KSI Akame 7, KSI Azrael 7, KSI SLIPKNOT 7 and KSI Obsessed discussed the differences between the two consoles as far as KSI is concerned, plus how the two consoles compete with each other.

Episode 3 of the Weekly Update will be this Friday, April 1, and be a Town Hall set-up, which all discussion being fostered by commenters in the Twitch chat.

The Weekly Update happens every Friday at 7 p.m. and precedes 7s vs. Viewers.

Let us know what you think about the above video and give us suggestions for what we should talk about in the future!

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