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KSI Viral Videos – (July 8, 2017)

Rocket League, Gaming wins, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2, Black Ops 2 Throwback, and Walking on Cars! It’s Viral Videos.

Hello, and welcome to another Saturday filler article few people read/watch, but I always spend at least 10 minutes putting together!

Welcome to… KSI Viral Videos.

We’re going to get things started my favorite way, and that’s Rocket League!

Now, a lot of times I post up professionals doing professional things, but today, I’m posting up a Rocket League clip that hits home for a lot of gamers, including myself.

Here’s a realistic montage of Rocket League gameplay, and oh how true it is.

From GameSprout, we have a compilation of accidental wins in a variety of games.

It’s remarkable these things happen as regularly as they appear to do. The precision is mind-boggling.

IGN has a first look at Bungie’s vision for Destiny 2.

Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy from Bungie sat down with IGN to talk about the sequel and look to the future.

Red Arcade released a 12-minute long compilation video of epic moments from Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 is probably my favorite all-time first person shooter, other than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

I love these so much. There’s something so rewarding in that ka-ching sound when you get a kill.

For the last gaming video, we’re going back in time. Way back.

Four years ago, to be exact.

It’s a Weekend Warfare Black Ops 2 2 v.2 Search and Destroy tournament!

Trippy, man.

For the final video, we’re going to do a music video, as always!

This isn’t brand new — the video is about 9 months old — but this band is my favorite, so enjoy.

This is “Don’t Mind Me,” by Walking on Cars.

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