July Department Information

Tune in for some sweet information about events throughout our community!

Department News

The AAP ‘Of the Month’ nominations are only open for two more days. The topic will be locked on the 8th of July.

Our AAP participation always goes down directly after Spirit Week when that is the most vital time to recognize our leaders and members. Every division came together and make Spirit Week a success and the people who were a part of that should be recognized for their work.

News is currently looking for a member who would like to permanently attend Weekend Warfare and write a short article on the tournaments each week.

There is also a new competition that has started. The title of the topic is “Goals and Dreams: Tell Us About You.” The purpose of this topic is to find members within KSI to highlight and appreciate as well as allow the community to get to know them better. An article will be written about and a prize of $15 will be given to the most interesting post during this competition. If two other posts stand out as well, each poster will receive a $10 gift card and an article as well.

Happy Hour this Friday at 9 pm EST is 7’s vs Viewers on Halo 5.

Weekend Warfare this Saturday at 8 pm EST is COD IW 2v2 TDM as well as a Injustice 2 Double Elimination.

Social Media

We are currently looking for short clips from game play to upload to our Facebook and YouTube pages. Why not take the time to upload a short game clip of a headshot or a winning kill and have yourself look awesome on KSI social media?

The Monthly Montage Competition is open until July 12th! If you have an Xbox One, you can participate! Winners will be awarded the Clip Commander award as well as a chance of winning another award at the Of the Year Awards show in January. Please remember that videos from any time frame can be used and that 7’s are encouraged to participate.

Please remember that all of our social media site names have been changed.

The site names are as follows:

Forums: KSIForums.org

News site: KSIGlobal.org

Twitter: #KSIGlobalGaming

YouTube: youtube.com/KSIGlobalGaming

Facebook: facebook.com/KSIGlobalGaming

Twitch: twitch.tv/ksilive

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