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KSI Viral Videos – (Aug. 3, 2017)

Destiny 2, Rocket League, Battlefield 1, Talkin’ ‘Bout Things, Mike & The Mechanics, and a Chester Bennington tribute. It’s Viral Videos.

Let’s jump right into it. I don’t have a snappy intro prepared. 🙁

Destiny 2’s Beta is here, and people are ramping up their excitement!

Here’s MoreConsole sharing Destiny 2 news and tidbits.

Let’s continue looking at IGN’s behind the scenes look at Bungie’s challenges producing Destiny 2.

The Rocket League Championship Series is in the offseason, so the Summer Series has been going on for the last month.

It’s just a collection of one-day tournaments for the world’s top teams to compete.

NRG was North America’s top team last season, while G2 disappointed and didn’t make top-4. G2 made up for that when they destroyed NRG a few weeks ago.

I started a new talk show/stream/podcast last week called “Talkin’ ‘Bout Things” and for Episode 1, I talked to KSI VeRiiTaS 7, a new Director in KSI, and for Episode 2, I talked to Gary, a leader in LW!

We… uhh… talked about things.

Of course there’s going to be a compilation video of fails and laugh out loud moments. We’re not monsters.

This week features more Battlefield 1 clips.

Also, let’s take a look at describing Battlefield 1 in 60 seconds.

For the musical part of this, lets listen to Mike & The Mechanics with “Let Me Fly.”

It sounds like an ’80s song, but it was released in April 2017! Mind blown!

And to round it out, one more song, to commemorate the passing of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park.

It’s ‘One More Light,’ and a performance he dedicated to his friend, Chris Cornell.


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