KSI Speaks: Quality Over Quantity?

KSI members discuss why quality in KSI is more important than quantity.

I took upon myself to ask a few of the leaders that we have why it is important to recruit people who are quality rather than mass recruit and boost activity.

So, in this edition of KSI Speaks, members discuss why quality is better than quantity.
KSI Squeek, General of Ruthless DM, says:

“So that way we can control the type of personalities that join our community to create a relaxed and drama free environment for our current and future members. Also, it brings new generations and ideas to our community so we may grow and prosper in unison.”

KSI VeRiiTas 7, Founder of FI, says:

“Quality over Quantity is important because, to simply put it, this community isn’t about ‘numbers’. The problem with focusing on your numbers is that in many cases it hurts the members you have.
KSI is a community that has a goal of providing a fun, safe environment for all gamers to take part in. The important thing is to never worry about numbers, if you provide a fun and safe environment for your members, the numbers will pour in.
When recruiting I know it can be tough, but the biggest thing to always consider is that you could be recruiting the next leader in your division. I highly doubt that my recruiter ever thought one day I could be a Founder, but somehow I’m here.”

KSI Luci Lux 7, current CIO of KSI, says:

“We want members to be of good quality because they are the future leaders of KSI at some point in time. In simple terms, we could view potential recruits as a bag with cut and uncut gem stones. Some will be priceless, others will not.
Average rule is 3 in 10 recruits last longer than a month. 1 in 3 of those will last more than 2 months
KSI isn’t about being able to boast ‘I have 4000 recruits, but can’t keep my squad at even 20 members’
The mentioned attitude is that of the garbage recruiters who grab anything that moves without checking out or spending time with them to get a gauge of their nature and character.”

KSI Sunny, 4LT of Wrath, DM, says:

“Quality can show consistency, consistency can build trust. Trust is an important part in any relationship from romantic to professional.
It can also be thought of like carbon atoms. Choosing quality over quantity is like choosing the diamond over the lump of coal.
Organized, harder to break, reliable and longer lasting.”

All of these statements hold true, so please keep this in mind in day-to-day operations. We want to build this community with strong, mindful leaders who genuinely care about their responsibilities and their fellow gamers.

Feel free to add in your thoughts, too.

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