KSI Speaks: Pineapple On Pizza

“Pineapple on pizza – yes or no?”

The Issue

We often get caught up writing about serious things going on in the community – upcoming events, factual articles, member interviews, etc. But sometimes we like to take a break from all this and interact with the community on a more casual level.

We on the News Team decided to touch on a hot topic going around the world these days. I approached a handful of members in the community and asked them a very tough question. One that that can make or break you. It can create chaos in a friendship, destroy a relationship or even cause families to stop speaking to each other. What is this question you ask?

“Pineapple on pizza – yes or no?”

I took to the streets to ask some members their thoughts. This is what they had for me:

The Opinions

KSI Rpg900SR

“First off, I do not like pineapple – period. Secondly, since I do not like pineapple, it should not ruin the pizza name.”


“For it. What ever you want can be a topping. I personally love pineapple. It contains enzymes that help you break down protein. It’s also sweet to contrast the saltiness of pizza.”


“I mean it really depends on the pizza. Most pizzas, no way. I don’t like pineapple unless it is freshly cut. Most places use them out of a can. Canadian bacon and pineapples, yes they go together so well.”

KSI xMinion

“Depends – if the pineapple is small chunks then i have no qualms with it.”

KSI JackOrpheus

“Pineapple pizza is sweet but I rather not have it because it isn’t my cup of tea. Yes, I’ve tried it but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth for a week.”

KSI x Brownie

“Against it. Pineapple is a fruit. Fruits are nice and juicy and tangy and sometimes sweet. When I bite into my pizza the last thing I’m looking for is a squirt of tangy substances in my mouth. It’s just not right, especially when it mixes with the nice savory sauce. It makes me wanna barf. In conclusion – if you eat pizza with pineapples on it, you’re gross.”

KSI Scotland 7

“If it’s edible, I’ll eat it. However it’s not something I would order for myself.”

KSI Harmony 7

“I actually like pineapple on pizza but I wouldn’t order JUST a pineapple pizza. It needs to be a good balance with the accompaniments. I like Hawaiian pizza every now and again. It’s a nice choice when you can’t have pepperoni.”

KSI Fireheart 7

“I don’t mind it. But it’s not my first choice of topping for a pizza because of the texture.”

KSI xShocK 7

“I’m against it. Pineapple is great by itself and pizza is basically bread marinara or Alfredo with some sort of cheese. Meat and vegetables are great in this combination. However fruit doesn’t bode well. Pineapple is amazing when paired with kabobs, chicken, or cakes.”

KSI Officer Pup

“Well I’m for it. I have eaten it on top of pizza before! But I gotta be in the mood for it and only with pepperoni. It gives it a good sweet kick.”


“Pineapple doesn’t go on pizza. What kind of question is that? The only things that go on pizza are pizza sauce, seasonings, cheese and whatever combination of meats (pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, chicken, etc) makes you happy. That is the key to life my dude.”

The Verdict

While I myself find pineapple a must-have topping, it would appear that many don’t. But as always, the issue of pineapple being an acceptable pizza topping will be a never ending debate.

If you’d like to see what your peers have to say about other topics like this or if you want to get involved yourself, drop by the News Section on the forums or contact a News Writer with your ideas or questions!


Article by KSI FadeZ 7

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