KSI Skarzx 77: What is KSI?

KSI Skarzx 77 explains that KSI is exactly what you make of it.

“KSI is what you make of it.”

These words resonate with me more than any other brief explanation of what is KSI. Some people call it a community or touch on what the name means – Knowledge, Strength and Integrity – while I can firmly say it is all that and then some. You can look at it as a machine with cogs made up of everyday people who devote their time to keep it running smoothly and up to date as much as possible. You can look at it as a big family with some distant relatives who you don’t quite see all the time (i.e Directors and up) and those you do see you spend hours with talking and laughing. It can be your best friend or be your worst enemy and there maybe times when you feel it is both or alternating.

Whether you are joining or been here for awhile (or in between), think about what you are good at. Once you found your answer, utilize it in KSI. You like to talk and be the first one to know something and report it to others, then join news. You like to play games and do funny things that you wish people could see, productions is the way to go.

The Struggle

Honestly, the hardest part of joining KSI is the first couple of days, when you are the new kid on the block and people are already friends and have been gaming for so long that it can be a little intimidating. My recommendation is to suck up your pride and any shy feeling you have and put yourself out there, introduce the community to the person you are and reap the benefits.

Now, it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s not to say the community or the individual would be at fault, but sometimes when you mix 2 chemicals together, you don’t always create something new. Rather, you gain nothing and you move on. Either way, you will never know until you try. I can guarantee that the first time around won’t be the only time. Sometimes it takes a step back and some time away to get into sync with the community on a more productive level.

One thing I hear a lot is time, whether it’s “I don’t have the time,” or “I don’t have enough time.” To that, I respond,” Just give it a chance”. While having a lot of free time is convenient to move up the ranks or be in a department head spot, it’s more what you do with the time you have available that matters more. But if your time is just too small, then being an active member to play with squad mates and the occasional tournaments is just as vital a role to this community than being an officer.

Answer This

So when I say , “KSI is what you make of it” I want to know; what does your KSI look like?

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