KSI Review: Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’

Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest game, and there is something special about it that no one can explain.

Blizzard has been known for many great games in the past, and their newest game is sweeping the entire world! Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest game, and there is something special about it that no one can explain.

It’s a fairly simple, multi-player only game that most find very addicting to play, and no one really knows why it is so addicting. At first look, most people see a Team Fortress 2 remake, but after play you can clearly find significant differences that define Overwatch as one of a kind.

I myself have found this game very addicting, in the sense that it is very fun to play, even more so with a group of friends who chose a diverse set of characters. In this game, you get to pick a hero to play as and utilize their skills and abilities to overcome the enemy and complete the objective of that game type.

To make things even more interesting, the heroes are broken down into four categories: offensive, defensive, tank and support.

Offensive heroes deal out great damage at the expense of their smaller health bar, but work well as the front liners.
Defensive heroes are a good choice when defending a specific point, and provide a good choke point against the enemy force.
Tank heroes, well there isn’t much to be said about them other than the fact that they have massive hp and are good for drawing fire.
And finally, support heroes provide the team with health regeneration, armor and shields at expense to their attacking abilities.

When constructing your team, you want to take the classes of heroes into consideration to build an effective team.

Overwatch allows you to change your hero in the spawn location, or after death, so that you can counter-attack the enemy with what you deem most effective on a game-to-game basis. Yes, you will develop a favorite hero to play as, but just remember that you want a well balanced team to combat the enemy’s team build.

Since there is no campaign, Overwatch has received some scrutiny, but nothing that tarnishes its playability. To me, this game felt original in thought and game play.  I believe that this game will continue to grow with success as time ravels on.

Overwatch is now available on PC, Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4, so be sure to pick up or download your copy today.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and Happy Gaming!

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