KSI Newsletter: October 2019

Welcome to our October Newsletter! I hope you have your witch hats and wizard wands at the ready!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

It’s October and a chill is sweeping the air.

The leaves are changing and Fall has wrapped it’s cool breeziness around us.

Fall Classic Update

Fall Classic has come and past. The Events were epic and everyone who showed up gave it their all. We saw Poker with the players putting their hearts “all-in”. Halo was a game of tetherball back and fourth the competitors rumbled dominating each other in Capture the Flag. We saw members flex their singing skills in Karaoke and much more…

And the winners are…

Congratulations to DM and ES for winning Fall Classic 2019 with a tie!

  • 1st Place Winner: Demonic Mayhem & Eternal Souls
  • 2nd Place: Dark Legions
  • 3rd Place: Divine Warriors and Wicked Destruction
  • 4th Place: Sovereign Legacy

Divisional Hall of Fame Inductees

  • KSI MeShell 7 (Demonic Mayhem)
  • KSIDntAskImAwfl (Demonic Mayhem)
  • KSI Majesty (Divine Warriors)
  • KSI Harmony 7 (Divine Warriors)
  • KSI Hatter 77 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Jynxie 7 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Barb130 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Swagg 7 (Last Strike)
  • KSI Grifful 7 (Sovereign Legacy)

*See this article about Fall Classic 2019 for more info.

Changes to the Divisional Cup

Divisional Cup’s current format will be abandoned and re-introduced as an Annual Events competition. To win Divisional Cup, the only events that will net points will be Spring Break, Spirit Week, Donor’s Weekend, Fall Classic and Turkey Bowl. 

We will still announce the Divisional Cup winner at Award Show based on the results of major events, but we will use a more well-rounded and less promoted criteria to name our Division of the Year. Division of the Year for 2019 will NOT be announced solely according to which division wins Divisional Cup. There can be a separate Divisional Cup winner and Division of the Year.

*We want to hear from you! Take the Community Survey here!

Department Operations

Leadership Changes

The News Department would like to Congratulate KSI December 77 on his promotion to Chief Department Manager! December has been leading the News Team for over a year, helped in the creation of HSI and will be missed within the Department. KSI Harmony 7 was promoted to the new Head of the News Department!

Please congratulate KSI Scotland 7 on his many years of service and his extensive contributions to KSI Global. Scotland was originally recruited in the Fall of 2013, he has been deeply involved in both Clan and Department Operations over the course of his KSI career. It is with a bittersweet heart that we wish him the very best as he starts his well-earned retirement from the KSI Board of Directors.


October’s SYTYCW is “Create your own Halloween Persona”. Make a submission to represent your division and get a chance to win the fancy “Write Right” award.

News Applications are always open! We’re looking for members who aren’t afraid to talk about how they feel and what they think. The News Team uses KSIGlobal.org to operate, create content and write articles.

*Message KSI Harmony 7 for more information.


Productions has a new show starting on Sunday, October 13th at 9pm EST. It will be called “The KSI Lounge” – hosted by KSI Bane 7 and KSI Trixie. The first show will be played on Black Ops 4. Sign ups will be posted on the forums.

*Message KSI MeShell 7 for more information.


The Member and 7’s Spotlight is up! Go to the History, Statistics and Information section to recognize your peers today!

*Message KSI FadeZ 7 or KSI Greenday 7 for more info!

Performance Operations

Check out the discussion of the month! This month the discussion is about CAP. Communication Accountability and Professionalism. These are the traits of a good leader.

*Message KSI Venum 7 for more information!

Social Media

October’s Twitter Blitz will be sudden. It’ll be unannounced. And it’ll happen THREE times. Day one of the Blitz will take place during the first half of October. Day two will happen sometime after that. And day three might be the day before Halloween. Or it might actually be Halloween. Who knows. Keep your eyes out and make SURE you follow @KSIGlobalGaming. Members must participate in all three days of the Twitter Blitz to get credit and be eligible for the AAP social media awards!

Message KSI December 77 for more information about KSI’s social media!

For more information about the KSI Newsletter, please message KSI Harmony 7.

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