KSI New Year’s Message from QueenJess

KSI QueenJess 7 has a message for KSI.

The following is a letter from Jess, as well as department heads from across KSI.

Happy New Year to everyone who has chosen to be a part of KSI Global!  I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and hopeful of what the next year will bring to our community.  This will be my fifth year as a member of KSI Global and my how time flies.  It seems just yesterday I was learning how to recruit a new member, or how to post on the forums. Two things that seemed very intimidating at the time, but proved to be instrumental in my personal success as I rose through the ranks as a leader.

With a New Year comes new goals, new faces, and new ideas!  I would like to share some of these with you all so you can know where we as a community stand, and how we anticipate making the next year one to beat next year, and the year after that.

Xbox One is the console of the future of KSI.  All of us know this, though we may not have switched fully yet or have the funds to make the transition, there will come a point in time our Xbox 360 consoles become obsolete.

With that being said, if you have an Xbox One you have the ability to pave the way for the rest of the community! Be a trendsetter and make the move to Elite Forces our very own Xbox One division! Opportunities there are endless, and no member should be penalized for wanting to be a part of the future movement.

As long as you communicate with the appropriate channels, we can make this work for you.  Aside from Elite Forces, some divisions have decided to make XBox One squads within their divisions.  These squads are in need of members who are willing travel into new territory and be key in establishing KSI’s presence on the console and games of our future.  Please get with your divisional leadership and ask questions to find out how you can make the move today to be a key part of paving the way for the rest of us to join you in the future!

With the emergence of so many wonderful games in 2014, the list only gets better as we move forward.  We are very interested in maintaining our presence on games such as Destiny, Halo Master Chief Collection, CoD Advanced Warfare and more.  KSI’s main objective is for you to be in a squad that plays the game that YOU as a gamer want to spend your time on the most. Make sure that you are putting yourself in a position that is most comfortable for you so you can be the most productive member in helping others gain the same experience you seek in KSI.

In a community such as KSI Global it is easy to find members who have not made the full commitment to our organization and over time become “inactive” or “fluff” members.

Towards the end of 2014 we gave each division the task of identifying these members and giving them the choice of remaining in KSI and becoming an active member or finding somewhere else to call home on Xbox.  We have to remember that KSI is not and will not be for everyone.  In 2015 Senior Leadership will be working with Divisional Staff on one of our goals which is, Member Retention.

We want to make sure that KSI is living up to all the promises made upon a new recruits admission,  in turn giving them the sense of belonging and purpose that each of us deserve.

Along with member retention, another goal of Clan Operations in 2015 is creating opportunities for each and every member to reach their goals along the appropriate time frames.

What this means is that leaders will be motivating their staff to create opportunities for themselves and inspire others to do the same so that no one has to stay in a position longer than necessary.  What a lot of folks don’t realize is that they are in control of their own destiny in KSI.  It is up to YOU to make your way in KSI.

As long as you are surrounding yourself with quality people, training your replacement and inviting new people to be a part of your squad and division the opportunities will come.

There are several other things that we have in store for Clan Ops in 2015 but in typical QueenJess fashion I could go on forever so I will leave you with the most important and that is getting back to GAMING!

KSI prides itself on being a social gaming community, if we take away the gaming aspect there’s nothing left for our members to remain interested.  The more a squad and division plays the game, the more they will understand team work, find other like minded gamers, and challenge themselves in the competitive environment of Xbox!

-KSI QueenJess 7

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