AAP Of The Year 2014 Winners

The KSI AAP Of the Year 2014 Award winners were announced Saturday. Here are the winners!

As the title says, welcome to the announcement of the Awards and Achievements Program’s “Of the Year” Awards. The individuals that are to be listed below, are the best of the best that KSI has to offer for this last year in the community. The members are nominated in our topic that we post up in the AAP section, then after the nominations close, the AAP staff then deliberates based upon those nominations. After we are done deliberating, we prepare for the awards show that is at hand, and we present the awards to each individual on our live stream! Now, without further delay from my boring introduction, here are your winners for this year.

KSI HUCKLBERRY7 (Senior Leader)

“Words can not even express what this leader has done for this community in the past year since he attained his position of Senior Director. With a mentality like NONE other in KSI, he approaches and handles situations in a very logical manner, but with such passion, that you would think he was the embodiment of KSI itself. He has been an effective part of ensuring the security and fun of the members, as well as participating in the leadership development of many others, not just those in divisional leadership, but all throughout KSI in general. He even works with situations one on one, and doesn’t just try to divy out everything to everyone else. Yes, it is done as needed, but this Senior leads by example with everyone. He has mentored myself and too many to name in KSI. Not really too much more to say on this guy. ”

KSI Dragon014x7 (Director)

“This member really worked hard to get where he is. He takes part in as much as he possibly can, from game nights to 7 vs vieweres and anything he can possibly do in between. He is always there to lend an ear on any situation even if its not in a division that he’s over, as well as offer advice on the situation.”

KSI HAVOC 7 (Division Leader)

“Well, Havoc has been a very driven and inspiring person for me this year in KSI, but I feel he has succeeded as a Div Leader and deserves this award, because he cares deeply about his division and members. He is constantly involved on all levels as much as he can be, he devotes all his time to his div even while dealing with college, and the Tournaments and Events department as well as other things. He does not complain about it at all, he is Acting General of 2 Squads as well, which in my opinion just shows the dedication this Div Leader has for the community. He is never one to falter from the goal, he tries to motivate activity and drive but above all unity, which I feel is key. He has given me as much guidance as he can and has instilled what I feel a Division Leader should be.”

KSI Sinister 7 (Co-Division Leader)

“So Sinister being an ex-GZion he obviously bigged up spirit week. He went and got GZ ready for a battle with LS, Family Vs Family, Wife Vs Husband, Friends Vs Friends. Oh, he was the reason LS went into the fray guns blazing. Without Sinisters motivation and pushing and calls to battle we would have not done well at all. He is the reason the second smallest division at the time pushed to 2nd Place in Spirit Week. He proved No matter how small you are, you can contend with the big boys. He is the reason we wanted to acheive that, and he is the reason we did.”

KSI Muramasa 7 (Founder)

“I turned this young man loose with the ideal of creating an Xbox one squad a year ago, after he and I spent weeks in parties getting all the things together and making plans for the start of a squad he started out with himself and three others (Muramasa you can correct any of this if I don’t remember it properly). The squad soon turned into a blossom and we had a new general, and I along with KSI QUEENJESS 7 was very proud of the amount of work that he had put in.”

KSI Mpliers 7 (Co-Founder)

“There are MANY reasons why this member deserves the OTY award. This guy does more than anyone I know in KSI for any member he meets, he is so motivated to the point where I have to constantly tell him ,”pliers take a break”. This guy never quits, he is level headed. I, myself have learned quite a bit from him. He is always thinking of new and exciting idea for us over in ES. Mpliers has a never quit type personality doesnt make excuses when asked to do something and he gets it done. He is very social throughout KSI and makes everyone feel welcome.”

KSI Not A Guy/KSI OhMyLanta 7 (General)

“When you have someone who single handedly brings back a squad from the brink of death at less than 30 members, to 95 at almost a split with a full officer staff. Working towards the point that she wanted to be at with her squad, she did what she had to do for as long as possible to get situations dealt with, to get to know members in and out, and working with those wanting to rank up to get them the knowledge and experience that they need. Most, if not all of the officers were recruited and trained up by her, simple as that. This all took place in the matter of about 3 months, maybe not even that long.”

KSI Emmy (Captain)

“Now, I heard about this member when she hit Captain earlier this year and quickly earned a reputation for running her squad in any circumstance, including when the general was sitting there. No matter the problem, Emmy could fix it, no matter what was going on she was on top of it. The support system she developed within her squad, as well as within her division is one of the best I have seen, that has been developed by an officer.”

KSI Vermillion98 (Lieutenant)

“When I hit Co-Founder I made the descision to move Vermillion to a Squad where his full potential could be acheived. So I made the arrangements and got him moved out to Pride GZ, a squad that continues to exceed all expectations that leaders put on it. Vermillion had big boots to fill, being in a squad with an outstanding officer staff. Vermillion came in, started training, got his game nights running. Got his “Thing” going on. He did not stop until he was friends with everyone in that squad. And not only has he moved forwards into a captain position, but he has made a positive change which is recognised beyond his own Divisional leaders.”

KSI FuzzyMeep 7 (Sergeant)

“This individual, though he is CEO, has spent around 9 months as a SGT in Demonic Mayhem. Pushing membes to get involved, recruiting, and attending game nights, all while doing the duties of the CEO position that he also holds. He sets himself apart from his peers by not only being at the rank for the longest, but doing so much at his position as well. Also, FuzzyForSSGT2k15”

KSI Doctor 7 (Forum Staff)

“I’ve spent the last year working with Doctor hand and hand, he has the knowledge and drive to keep the Clanops and Webops members going day after day. He has helped me with projects along with his daily job on the web and never faltered, he jumps in and does squad level training and also has recently became a member of a squad in IO. His continued service to the community is greatly appreciated by all of us.”

ImPeRiiiuM (News Team Writer)

“This guy has taken the news team to not only a new front, but has consistently pushed out articles throughout the year ever since he came back to the team. From leadership articles, to posting unique and witty articles about those who won Spirit Week, and even other diverse things. He is working hard to make sure that things keep running for news and tries to push the department as he can with the community. ”

InK (Graphics Artist)

“Graphics may not be as active as it once was but ink is def one of te best we have, it is hard to argue other wise….Best I can do is make a pic on paint”

KSI Purge (Productions Staff)

“He does a great job at streaming a variety of games for our KSILive twitch channel and I always enjoy watching his streams at university whilst doing my work. He is always open to new ideas and is trying to involve members with the stream by inviting members to play or suggest games for him to stream. This shows an active approach to improving the content of the channel as he seeks engagement from KSI members. He is also a very nice chap with a lot to say”

KSI xMufasax 7 (Member)

“Mufasa during Spirit week was not in clan ops but was still determined to make an appearence in some way shape or form at some point in the events, so at the death, at the award ceremony a skype call was initated, and who was at the end of the call? You guessed right! Mufasa! He was standing there in some tighty Whiteys, a wife beater vest on with some shot glasses underneith and starts singing Miley Cyruses’ song Wreaking Ball, licking everything in sight from his hammer, to his 360 and the bottom of his vaccum cleaner! Boy did he deserve to be crowned Spirit King!”

KSI Beowulfe20 (Donor of the Year)

“This member has donated more than $500 this year to KSI, while any sort of contribution is great to the community, we can’t thank you enough for what you have given to us to be able to provide back to KSI. This comes in forms of giveaways, events, and much much more.”

KSI Paratroop 7 (Most Dedicated)

“This individual does so many things behind the scenes for KSI, that we can’t even express all of them without writing a book. Between coming back into a Director’s position to help out the community, to being in charge of security for all of KSI, he does so much that not everyone can see it, but it is recognized with this award and his recent promotion to the Chief of Internal Affairs.”

Give a thanks to all who made this list, as it was a hard decision for many of these members to receive awards from the AAP for this year. Here’s to hoping that these members continue working for this community, and that new members arise to take the mantle of these positions.

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