KSI History: LW from the Roots

Here is a brief History of LW and current leaders. Never will they be forgotten.

Legendary Warrior’s: The Rise and The Fall

Legendary Warriors will always be known as a strong and successful division, that it once used to be. Today its standards have fallen, but it still remains deterring the tests of time. History within this division goes back almost three years to its creation, which was created off of a split from Eternal Souls, on June 12th, 2014.

The old LW was legendary. If I were to define LW, I’d define it as the production of leaders. I’d define it as such, due to the countless leaders that were produced from LW.

Notable Leaders looking back are as follows:


KSI Nick 7

KSI Collector 7

KSI Ascend 7

Today’s LW

Today’s LW is one that may be struggling, but is still fighting. While LW may only have one 7 and two squads, LW’s members stay strong and haven’t lost hope. The remaining 7 is KSI Gary 7, who is a strong leader and is always there for the members, and is often staying up late on their behalf.

The Generals of the two squads, Hannibal’s being KSIxNebula and Samurai’s being KSI xTheKing 7. Oddly enough, KSI xTheKing 7 previously being a LW Founder himself. However, recently losing the squad of Ceasar following the trend that has plagued LW for a fairly long time. LW has had more than a considerable amount of people leaving and taking members with them, being threatened, poached from, or betrayed in general by various people. The downward spiral hangs like a cloud on LW, yet members stay hopeful, as do the leaders as they lead with the weight of trying to rebuild.

Who are the leaders of LW?

KSI Gary 7: Head of Productions and current Founder in LW. Gary loves both LW and his productions team, and often goes above and beyond to assist in any matters. KSI AK47 MOB recruited Gary on November 11th, 2016.

KSIxNebula: Nebula is a member of Productions/Marketing as well as the General of Hannibal. KSI 80s Soldier recruited Nebula on February 27th, 2017.

KSI xTheKing 7: King formly known as KSI xFatality 7, being a previous Founder of LW and former Division Leader of DR. Today he is the General of Samurai. King is also a re-join mod even partaking in AAPS. KSI DarkAngel 7 re-recruited him on July 12th, 2017.

What Could Have Been

LW had set the goal of attempting to split by the end of 2015. KSI Nick 7 setting this goal for the division, even-though to this day LW has still not split. However, the bright side of this not happening was that it ended up producing a lot of great leaders some are still around today. Such as KSI xFatality 7 who is now KSI xTheKing 7 and KSI Collector 7 who was a previous Director of LW.

There isn’t much else to be said for LW, however this division should be known as the division who had it all going for them. Through time problems developed which made it fall just as all legendary warriors in real life do. The rest of LW’s time here in KSI lies in the hands of its leaders and members.


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