Graphics Mystery Battle – June 2018

KSI’s latest Graphics Mystery Battle is complete! Congrats to the winner!

It’s Back!

That’s right KSI – it’s been 4 whole years since our last Graphics Mystery Battle. The wait is finally over!

Almost two weeks ago, the Head of Graphics announced this event and opened it to the community.

Check it out here: Graphics Mystery Battle


Artist Submissions

Signature #1:

Signature #2:


Community Feedback

The quality of each submission is obviously phenomenal. We had feedback from both Clan Ops and Department Ops members alike. Both signatures received extremely positive votes.


“The splatter (of sig 1) is great! I like how it was used to make it look like it has more of a foreground/background…”

-KSI BadKitty 7, Director


“The second sig, in my opinion, has a nice flow to it. The light contrasts in appealing ways and there’s MORE of it. I feel like it’s the type of sig I would use.”

-KSI Ronin 77, Director


“To me, the first sig is more expansive. It has more depth and looks more crisp.”

-KSI Gandhi 7, Performance Operations


“The clarity of image 2, the details of the character make this so sharp looking. With the correct font and placement of text, this image would be ahhh yesss!

-KSI Silence 7, Co-Division Leader


The Winner Is…

After tallying the votes, we’re pleased to announce that the winner is Signature #1!

Congratulations to both artists for their amazing submissions!

The KSI Graphics Department would like to thank the community for their participation and support.

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