KSI Game Review: Hawken

The popularity of Hawken is surprising considering it was released in 2012. However, the free game is fun to play.

What is Hawken?

This is quite the interesting question to answer. Hawken is a game that has quite literally sprung back up from nowhere, after it’s origination in 2012.

In the game, which is a mech-based first person shooter, you fight other players in mechs — large mechanized war machines that the user controls, on a variety of maps with different terrains and locations.

I’d have to say one of the most enticing part would have to be that it is a free game.  But the downside is that there are micro transactions to balance the cash flow for paying for the game in the long run for the developers and publishers.


One mode that I have been playing quite often is team deathmatch. It is a fast paced game of constant action, where you must sure your guns don’t overheat while attacking another mechs, while making sure you don’t go down in flames.

The first-person view from within the cockpit is top-notch. It gives you a good idea of what mech-to-mech combat would look like. It also gives you a sense of realism and when it starts going wrong.  Everything starts to beep with errors and sparks fly as you near destruction.


With a vast variety of mechs, there are different weapons, setups, and styles, which can make it difficult to choose what kind to play as. I went with the assault mech as it’s twin Vulcan machine guns on each arm appealed to my playing style.

Those Vulcan machine guns let me go after an enemy with an unrelenting attack, a barrage of bullets, to quickly take them out.

However, opposing machines have plenty of armor, which means I have to attack quickly, viciously, and then retreat to make sure I don’t get destroyed. But when I do take damage, I can self-repair and make sure I get straight back in the thick of it.

Why Play It

It’s nice to play a game that’s free and not have the feeling that you need to buy something within it. That added to my experience.

Also, it isn’t difficult to pick up the process and controls of shooting and maneuvering, but it will take time to master and understand the best course of action when going up against multiple opponents.


This game has it’s positives and negatives, as any game does.

It’s easy to play and there’s amazing customization throughout the game, including additional options if you take part in the micro-transactions.

On the downside, it feels like the graphics of the game are not what you’d expect.  The game was released in 2012, so plenty of things have changed in gaming over the past 4 years.

The game can also feel monotonous.  But if you soldier past these little problems, it is possibly one of the best mech games you will have played.

If you ever think about wanting to try a new game, I would highly recommend Hawken. On the off chance you don’t like the game, the good news for you is it won’t hurt your wallet.

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