KSI Events (April 21 through April 30, 2017)

Make sure to partake in our wonderful KSI events!

Happy Hour

This weekend, KSI Ascend 7, our lovely Happy Hour host, will be hosing a Black Ops 3 game night with Toxic Illusion (TI) at 9 pm EST. This will occur on April 21, 2017. Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/ksilive to catch a glimpse of the action!

Next Weekend, our Happy Hour will consist of our KSI Town Hall. This particular Happy Hour will allow members throughout KSI to ask questions to senior leaders about events, problems, advice, and so much more. Make sure to attend to meet and talk to the marvelous leaders who help make this community what it is. The date will be April 28, 2017 and will start at 9 pm EST.

For those of you who do not know, Happy Hour is always at 9 pm EST, every Friday.

Weekend Warfare

Weekend Warfare is always an exciting event. The tournaments are always held every Saturday at 8 pm EST, unless it is a Minecraft tournament.

This weekend, April 22, will be an Overwatch Capture the Flag 2v2. Follow the posted link to sign-up!

http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/34774-april-22nd-weekend-warfare-will-be-a-3v3-ctf on-overwatch/

Next weekend, April 29, Weekend Warfare will be Destiny sparrow racing! Which, honestly, sounds super fun and competitive. Make sure to go represent your squad and your division by signing up once the sign-ups are posted and competing against the other divisions of KSI.

LEAD 101 Classes

Another exciting program that we have is our LEAD 101 classes. We are running these rounds of LEAD 101 classes to gain more graduates who will be able to attend LEAD 201 once those classes are up and running, which should be relatively soon.

Our current Leadership Mentors consist of: KSI Greg 7, KSI Mpliers 7, KSI Ascend 7, KSI Ashhh 7, KSI Pantsir 7, and KSI True 7.

Our current LEAD 101 classes are as follows:
Monday (04/24) W4 @ 8 pm EST hosted by KSI Ashhh 7
Wednesday (04/26) W3 @ 4 pm EST hosted by KSI True 7
Saturday (04/29) W1 @ 8pm EST hosted by KSI Ascend 7
Sunday (04/30) W1 @4pm EST hosted by KSI Pantsir 7

LEAD 201 Classes

These classes will be offered to the rank of Co-founder and higher but will be extremely educational and beneficial to all leaders on matters of problem solving, empathy, communication, and many other valuable leadership skills.

All attendees of LEAD 201 must first attend LEAD 101 and graduate from it. For those who do graduate from both, the award “Jack of all Trades” is available to be rewarded on the forums.

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