Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Senior Director KSI CheddarBob 7 talks KSI

KSI’s newest Senior Director, KSI CheddarBob 7, sits down with KSI Kazekage to talk about everything from KSI to fishing.

KSI’s newest Senior Director, KSI CheddarBob 7 sat down and talked to KSI Kazekage earlier this week.

CheddarBob discussed a range of topics from his thoughts on his time in KSI to what he enjoys doing outside of the community. He also keeps his eyes to the future and talks about what experiences and people have played pivotal roles during his time here.

If you’re looking to get some insight into KSI’s newest Senior Director, this 10-minute interview is the place to get started.

Thank you to KSI PR3DATOR 7 for recording and KSI CheddarBob 7 for agreeing to the interview.

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