Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

July Support Spotlight with KSI Dropshot 7

Take a look behind the curtains at the Tournaments & Events Department through the mind of KSI Dropshot 7. And the process of creating KSI’s various Annual Events.

Spirit Week is KSI’s biggest Annual Event, so how did you decide which games & gametypes to include in the Event Lineup?

We usually try to ask the community after an event what they thought about the event. The LC helps a lot when we are asking about our schedule, so each division’s game types are represented. We want to do events that are popular and are enjoyed by the members.

What are some of the things that happen behind the scenes when planning an Annual Event?

The first part is actually planning the event (games for the event). Then we have to wait for confirmation for the set schedule by the Board. Once it is confirmed we post sign-ups (try to post sign-ups and announcements a month prior to the event). In the time between sign-ups we get with productions to allow them time to get ready for the event, so we can have the events streamed. The days leading up to the event we finalize maps, lobbies, etc. to make the events run smoothly. We send out messages to team captains, go over rules, and oversee the events until completed.

As the Head of the Tournaments and Event Department, KSI Dropshot 7 is primarily responsible for the creation and implementation of Spirit Week. As well as all Weekend Warfares & Annual Events that occur within KSI.

Why did you choose to join T&E? And what are some things youa??ve learned during your time as T&E Head?

I have been in T&E for two years. I am a pretty competitive person. I enjoy competition and love hosting tournaments. I believe if you have a passion for something, then you pursue it, and T&E allows me to do that. I wanted to be able to give back to the community and provide the community with something I was able to have the last 8 years that I have been with KSI.

Why should other members join T&E?

If you are like me and like the competitive side and want to get involved with tournaments, then T&E is for you. It is also the place for you if you want to learn how to set up your own tournaments or get involved with something outside of clan ops that allows members to interact with one another (whether you are competitive or not)

Any sneak peeks for events can we expect to see for the Fall Classic?

No way! Expect the regular games and the oddball games. No specific games or team sizes will be revealed at this time.

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