Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

August 2020 7’s Spotlight: w/ KSIxROMEO 7

Have a look at what Augusta??s 7s Spotlight winner, KSIxROMEO 7, had to say to the News Team!

What is the best part of your rank? And why?

I don’t like viewing it as a rank, I do enjoy the freedom of meeting new people and helping people. That’s the reason I do this.

What experiences have you had while rising through the ranks? Any favorites?

Had a lot of good and bad experience, my favorite is when I get to be involved in other people’s promotions. Try to make it meaninful so it sticks with them! Always fun and warming to get people’s reactions and seeing how all their hard work does pay off. 

Would you do anything differently?

If I was starting over completely I would be more vocal in the beginning. I wanted to be a officer when I was recruited however it took me time because I am a quite person untill I get to know them. I don’t think I could change much but that be one.  I wouldn’t change my experience but get more active with it. 

Who was your role model as a “younger” officer (i.e. SSGT, LT, CPT)? And who is your role model now?

Joe got me into the fold and taught me about KSI and got me involved. I still look up to Joe now however I don’t focus on one specific person and look toward shocker, grunt, don’t ask. I want as many people as I can to learn from as many people as I can. 

What is your why? 

The environment that’s is here before KSI i have so many more opportunities. I try my best to meet as many people as I can and that’s what the community is about. 

What advice do you have for future leaders? Any tips or tricks?

Absorb as much information as you can, talk to as many people as you can, the community is huge and if you can learn from others that’s the best. 

How do you train & mentor the leaders beneath you to help them grow?

I train people by offering as much personal experience as I can. You can read off anything as much as you want but untill you have the personal aspect it doesn’t truely sink in. More on the job training and one on one. 

Favorite KSI memory?

When Joe and I rebuilt Cruelty and split it to make Venom. Cruelty was in bad shape and we spent all day every day working. It was a very proud moment for me and us. 

Have you ever had a moment where you doubted yourself?

All the time. It’s constant, anytime we try to do something different it’s going to affect the members so there are always doubts. Have to have faith with the people you work and pray what you’re doing is the right call. We do our best to be better. 

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