Fall Classic 2020 Recap

A lot happened in this year’s Fall Classic. So make sure you don’t miss out on a single moment with the KSI News Team’s Recap Article!

This year’s Fall Classic was phenomenal. Complete with a variety of events, giveaways, and the Closing Ceremony Announcements to top it all off! Since Fall Classic 2020 was so much fun. Let’s take a moment to thank the Tournaments & Events Department, the Productions Departement, and everyone else who helped make Spirit Week 2020 possible. Thanks, guys! Now, let’s dig into the results.

Day One

Rocket League 3v3

1st: WD – xBrownie VI, KSIxAWOLCake, KSIIronOrder
2nd: SL – KSI Fenny, RagingFire851, PSYCHO GAY GUY
3rd: SL – KSI Goaty, KSI Snail420, ElusivePenny (No Div Cup Points)
4th DM – KSI Jupiter 7, KSI Echo13, V01DIFEXP1R3D
Streamed by KSI Gosuko

This was an event that no one was expecting. There were a lot of technical difficulties to start off Fall Classic 2020. Due to the Free to Play release of Rocket League, the servers were flooded. There were a lot of connection issues throughout the night. Team Fenny lost its captain against Team Goaty in the first game and reset the series. Fenny disconnected after game 2 going into the tie-breaker and after a long time of waiting, the two teams agreed to a first goal in 3v2 matchup. Fenny’s team ended up going to the finals. After the loss, Team Goaty had a hard time bouncing back and Team Brownie was able to get into the championship game. After a long night of technical difficulties, server connection issues, and people having to leave due to the time, Team Brownie was able to claim the victory for WD.

– KSI DC 7

Golf With Your Friends

1st: SL – KSI Rogue 7, KSI Yandere, KSI N3WERA 7
2nd: DM – KSI Uppish 7, KSI JonIsRite, KSI Saint8527
3rd: ES – KSI Squeek 7, KSI Twistex, KSI WhyNatsu
Not Streamed

The official results of the Golf With Your Friends Finals

Round one started teams off on Twilight. In lobby one, teams led by KSI Uppish 7 (DM) and KSI Squeek 7 (ES) went blow for blow right up until the final hole, with DM scraping by for the win. The second lobby saw SL’s KSI Rogue 7 and his 3-man wrecking crew all hit several shots under par and cruise to the finals alongside the second ES team, led by KSI Bongmilk. In the Finals, once again DM and ES started out in a razor-close race for second place behind SL, who easily nabbed the top 3 slots in the lobby. But by the end, KSI Squeek 7 and ES weren’t able to keep pace with Uppish and DM. By the end of this putt-putt tournament, there was no doubt who has the best golfers in KSI. Thank you to everyone who participated and cheered their Div-mates along!

– KSI Uppish 7

Day Two

MW Core Hardpoint 4v4

1st: WD – KSI AtomXGen, KSI Lycans, KSI Spvrkle, KSI ANTI LEGION.
2nd: WD – KSI Cloud, KSI Jdog5006, KSIxSWAG, KSI Big Mack (No Div Cup Points).
3rd: SL – KSIxGull, KSI Sauke08, KSI GGamer, KSI OgSlayer.
4th: BoD – KSI xKing 77, KSI Dropshot 7, KSI Swag 77, KSI Kakashii 77 (No Div Cup Points).
5th: ES – KSI Barb 7, OtakuSensei, KSI JokerWest, KSIbounded50,
Streamed by KSI Drastic#1557

The first round of the Core Hardpoint event saw both WD Teams eliminating teams from ES and SL. The semi-finals saw the continued WD’s success as they knocked off a second team from SL and the Board of Directors team led by the notorious KSI Dropshot 7. After leading both WD teams into the Finals, KSI AtomXGen and KSI Cloud pushed their teams’ skills to the limit. But in the end, it was Team Captain KSI AtomXGen paving the way to victory for WD. Thanks to everyone who came and had fun!

– KSI xLittio

MW Hardcore Domination 4v4

1st: SL – KSI Callan05, KSIxMitsuki, KSI Hidan, KSI Twizy.
2nd: WD – KSI Akame 7, KSI Cable, KSI Shmur, KSI ANTIJr.
3rd: DM – Gaming Anime, xNot Leafyx, Trav Stax, KSI EZeD24.
Streamed by KSI Gosuko

The Hardcore Domination event was long and hard-fought, with many teams leaving everything they had out on the battlefield. The final match saw WD, led by KSI Akame 7, and SL, led by KSI Callan05, duke it out for the Gold medal. While having WD, led by KSI Dakeech and DM, led by Gaming Anime, took to the sticks for the bronze medal. Both matches were tough and every team fought valiantly. But in the end, KSI Callan05 and SL prevailed over Akame and WD, with DM taking 3rd place over WD. Congratulations and thank you to all the participants!

– KSI xLittio

Day Three

Rainbow 6 Siege 3v3 Bomb

1st: WD – KSI ANTI LEGION, KSI RedRose, Ghost of Time44.
2nd: DM – KSI PcklRick, KSI NightDaff, BruteNall.
3rd: ES – KSI WaviestSnow, LessPositive, KSI JokerWest.
Streamed by KSI Cable

Rainbow 6 Siege takes a lot of planning, stealth, and communication to win matches, and this event was no different. Players crept around trying to plant the bomb or wipe out the enemy team to secure a win. Eventually, WD was able to claim the victory with KSI ANTI LEGION, Ghost of Time44, and KSI RedRose proving that they were a force to be reckoned with. Regardless of who was attacking and defending the objective. They edged out all the other teams in a systematic fashion.

– KSI DC 7


1st: WD – KSI DC 7
2nd: ES – KSI CrazyBear
3rd: SL – KSI Rogue 7
Streamed by KSI FireHeart 7

This karaoke event was filled with some of the toughest competitors that have ever graced the mic during a 2020 Annual Event. The first and only rule was participants had to sing completely acapella (did not want to risk copyright violation and getting the KSI Live Twitch account banned). But the karaoke event was a battle to behold as KSI went back to the 80s for this singing event. Ultimately it was KSI DC 7 that won the event with an excellent rendition of “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John.

– KSI DC 7

Day Four

GTA V Stunt Races

1st: DM – KSI Uppish 7
2nd: DM – KSI Draconic (No Div Cup Points)
3rd: KSI RYKER DM (No Div Cup Points)
4th: SL – KSI Warcraft573
5th: SL – KSI BeanBean (No Div Cup Points)
6th: SL – KSIxGull (No Div Cup Points)
7th: WD – KSI DaKeech
Streamed by KSI Meshell 7

Final results from the GTA V Stunt Races Event.

Grand Theft Auto is a game all about excess, and it was no different in these stunt races. This playlist had it all and then some, crazy jumps, insane turns, loop-de-loops, and so much more. Right from the start DM finished in the top 3 spots and continued to occupy at least 2 of those spots for each of the 6 races played. By the end, DM finished a strong first, second, and third place with KSI Uppish 7 blowing everyone off the track racking up a whopping 78 points and 4 out of 6 first-place finishes. All of the SL participants followed up with positions four, five, and six. Finally, WD took the Divisional Cup points for 3rd place with KSI DaKeech coming in a respectable 7th place. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time!

– KSI Uppish 7

Donor’s Event: Black Ops 2 FFA

1st: WD – KSI Lycans
2nd: WD – KSI AtomXGen
3rd: SL – KSIxMitsuki
Streamed by KSI Meshell 7

The Donor’s event this time around took place on the legendary fan-favorite game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Players squared off on a variety of maps beginning with Standoff. Then came Raid, Express, Hijacked, Plaza, and Meltdown. The final match of the FFA took place one of the most famous CoD maps, Nuketown. We saw KSI Lycans and KSI AtomXGen battle it out for the gold medal and watched in awe as Lycans claimed the first place prize. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!

– KSI Uppish 7

Closing Ceremonies Announcements

Fall Classic Forums Challenge Results

1st Place: Demonic Mayhem
2nd Place: Wicked Destruction
3rd Place: Sovereign Legacy
4th Place: Eternal Souls

Fall Classic Overall Results

1st: Wicked Destruction
2nd: Sovereign Legacy
3rd: Demonic Mayhem
4th: Eternal Souls

KSI Halloween Costume Contest

Welcome to the 2020 Costume Party! This is going to be a special community event for the month of October. Members will have an opportunity to share their Halloween costumes, cosplays, etc (Code of Conduct still applies; A G-String is not a costume, sorry @KSI xKing 77). Costumes of member’s Pets and/or Family will also be allowed should you prefer. Any and all who participate will receive the Costume Party 2020 Forums Award, and we have some other possible TBD prizes we may give out.  Members will be able to submit from 10/1 until 10/23.

Member Submissions should be sent to @Airborne 7#8959 on Discord since the Forums have an issue with sharing images unless you use a site to host the image. Info will then be put into a channel with the contest judges. Any participants who wish to possibly have their costumes shared on KSI social media can specify as well. I hope to see many entries, and hope you all have a great October and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Leadership Council New Hires

Welcome and congratulations to all the applicants who made it onto the Leadership Council. We’re looking forward to seeing the awesome ways the LC can continue to better our community!


Head of Education
– KSI DC 7

Forums Moderator
– KSI Meshell 7

Education Mentors
– KSI Barb 7
– KSI Rogue 7

T&E Senior Staff
– xBrownie VI

AAP Senior Staff
– KSI Fenny

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted! Thank you for your hard work and continued dedication to KSI.

Divisional Hall of Fame Inductees

Last but certainly not least, we have the 2020 Fall Classic Divisional Hall of Fame Inductions! These members have done great things and helped tons of people in their respective divisions. They’re all excellent selections for their Division’s Hall of Fame!

Demonic Mayhem
– KSI DrPepper

Sovereign Legacy
– KSI Rogue 7
– KSI xAsuma 77
– KSI Sasuke08

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