Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Time Capsule: The Importance of Workshops

KSI Scotland 7 explains the importance of regular workshops within squads. Check out this Time Capsule!


KSI Scotland 7 tells us about the importance of workshops in this time capsule written back in 2015!


Many members approach their officers and divisional leadership asking for knowledge and training on a regular basis. There is an easy answer to these cries for help.

Workshops as I like to call them – others call them classes – are a group session for knowledge and training to be passed around. There are many kinds of workshops; these can range from sergeant workshops to recruiting workshops and everything in between.

During these workshops, not only is the knowledge and experience of the host being passed to the attendees, but they can also draw out the experiences and knowledge of these eager students to share, and hopefully learn from one another.

Now, that is what a workshop is, but that does not tell you why they are important. They are important for a number of reasons.

Cultivating the knowledge of your members is the biggest goal. If the members of KSI know more, they can help grow your squads. Better preparing them for any situation that may arise within said squad.

Knowledge is power and these workshops give your members that power.

Growing and maintaining your members interest in KSI is another important result. If you are teaching your members more and more each week about KSI, and teaching them new things rather than the same old boring information, they will stay interested.

They will continue to be active and striving for more, whether that is for more knowledge or advancing within the community.


KSI Sinister 7 actually has a theory about workshops. I sat down with him and asked him about this theory.

His theory is that the more workshops that go on regularly, the higher your overall sergeant turnover is, the higher your overall squad activity is, and the more success you are likely to have within that squad.

Now when I say Sinister has a theory, it actually is what we hope the outcome of the workshop will be, however I have come up with a quote, and it is to do with what you take out of the workshop.

“I can teach you all I know, I can lead you to the well of knowledge, but I cannot make you drink from it.”

No matter how amazing your workshop host is, unless you wish to learn, he cannot teach you anything.

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