HSI Time Capsule: July 2019

Time Capsules are back! HSI presents – “Our Community, Our Family”. Step back two years and read about what makes KSI much more than just a gaming community.

Our Community, Our Family

Our KSI News Team has been around for quite some time. Often, we are looking toward the future, but sometimes it’s good to take a moment to reflect on the articles of the past. It’s also good to remember where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. The article we are looking at today is “Our Community, Our Family” by KSI Alley.

I think this article highlights what KSI is really about. It shows how our fundamentals have stayed the same even though the community has changed a lot over the years. KSI gives gamers a “home outside of home”. A support system for gamers, so to speak.

The reason I chose this article is because it describes in detail how KSI is in fact a family and why that’s so important. The article describes us as being a unit. It also explains how we are all different and that we still come together in many ways. I agree with everything in this article. It accurately reflects my own mindset about our community.

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