History Team: Future Goals

The History Team is expanding! Check out how!

The History Team

The History Team is a dedicated group comprised of representatives from each of KSI’s 9 Divisions. The team’s goal is both to preserve KSI’s long standing history and to record its current and future accolades.

The members of the History Team are always striving to go above and beyond. They interview various community leaders from the past and present with the purpose of obtaining first hand accounts of major events. These include squad splits, division splits and merges, and important promotions. Along with gathering information, History Team members also update the current leader lists. Accuracy is key.

The Roles

Every member on the History Team has a role. Some of these roles are:

Team Head: Is responsible for the overall operation of the team. Duties include publishing articles, setting article deadlines for the rest of the History Department and mentoring other History Team members. It’s their responsibility to make sure the History Team meets the highest possible standard.

Team Co-Head: Directly assists the Team Head in all day-to-day operations. They also moderate the History Department forums section and evaluate incoming applications and articles.

Clan-Ops History Seeker: Gathers specific history of Squads and Divisions – this includes: new squad names and squad splits, division splits and merges, important 7 staff, notable division accomplishments.

Extra Curricular History Seeker: Gathers history concerning the many KSI departments, covers major event histories (i.e. Spirit Week, Turkey Bowl, Head Hunters) and obtains information from and about the Board of Directors.

Member Spotlight Team: Is responsible for voting on the monthly member spotlight and writing assigned articles about the winners.

For more information about roles within the History Department, read the History Team Handbook.

The Vision

The History Team has a specific set list of goals they are determined to reach within the next few months. With their sights set on an August deadline, the future will definitely be busy.

Representatives will be going through each division and interviewing important leaders to get individual histories. Once done, they will update the corresponding History Sections on the Forums.

The History Team will announce its assigned History Liaisons during the first week of July. Each liaison will be designated to two specific divisions. They will work with the leadership of those divisions to ensure their records are accurate and organized.

The History Team plans to post 2 history interviews per month – one at the beginning and one at the end. They will also be constantly updating the divisional history of each separate division. This will be included in a monthly history archive. A once-a-month Member Spotlight and 7 Spotlight will be posted as well.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more exciting updates from the KSI History Team.

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