Head Hunters Week 3 Recap

Head Hunters Week 3 for COD: WWII was exciting to say the least!

Head Hunters

Head Hunters is a more competitive way for the divisions to compete against one another in a structured form. This seasons Hunter Hunters for Call Of Duty: World War II has so far been a fierce one. Going into week 3, we have seen a lot of good battles and we hope to see a ton more in the coming future.

Week 3

Crimson Dawn vs Last Strike

Crimson Dawn taking a landslide over Last Strike in an epic battle. KSI The Hero ending the game with the winning kill.


Wicked Destruction vs Eternal Souls

Eternal Souls Wins takes the victory from Wicked Destruction.

The final score being a impressive 75-57.

KSI ExynuisPrune taking the game with an amazing double kill


WE are excited to see what the coming weeks battles have in store for us here is KSI as the competition has been heated and is only getting hotter!

If you would like to check out the statistics of each player be sure to check out our stats page here.

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