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Time Capsule: Perseverance

Check out our KSI Time Capsule about Perseverance!

Time Capsule Introduction

Throughout my time on the News Team, I have published many meaningful articles. This one was one of my very first articles and it says many things about this community that need to be stated again. Perseverance is impertinent to any leader’s success.

This article was originally published on August 14th, 2016. Take a trip through this Time Capsule and remember why KSI is great.


Throughout the history of KSI, there have been many ups and downs. Just like all great communities, many of our members have come and gone. Some have tried to make their own A?”gaming communities” or “clans”, thinking they can replicate our successes and even surpass us.

Well, the truth is that no one can upstage KSI.A? We have proven time and time again that we not only have always been here, but always will be; the simple reason why is perseverance.

Throughout day-to-day operations, we stick to what we started, and staying strong for the people who look up to us. This what is most important. Not only will our perseverance earnA?respect throughout the community, but it will also teach us valuable skills to use in real-life situations.

There are many reasons why KSI has withstood the test of time; friendship, family, and loyalty are all words that come into the minds of members when asked why they stay. There is just something about when you game with a certain group of people long enough, you begin to develop relationships, you pick up mentors and mentees, you develop a sense of family and even more, a sense of home.


Many problems can (and do) arise. AndA?in just a small span of time, people can choose to cut their ties and often convince their friends to do the same.

People can be demoted for something simple, and sometimes even unjustly in fact. However, the key to success is to just stay strong and TRUE to our commitments, and our members.

A great leader once told me, “Even though you may have had a setback and been done wrong, don’t just quit. Take some time to gather yourself and make sure you’re focused and when you get back in there, just blow everyone away.” – KSI Azrael 7

Perseverance is a Leadership Quality

Managers, business owners, people of power often look for leadership abilities regardless of the field of study. The more experience you have in handling problems and delegating work, the more sought after and successful you will be.

The problems that rise up between squad mates teaches you patience and poise. Patience and poise are helpful not only at the squad level, but on the business level. If youA?are true to yourself, they can be helpful on the personal level.

The experience that is obtained by staying in KSI is experience that not many in today’s generation possess and is extremely valuable in our everyday lives.

As a leader, not only do you mentor people, but you learn for yourself. You instill leadership qualities and express that these are even looked well upon in any business or job type. You use the ability to handle disputes and arguments as well as delegate work and manage your time. This is an extremely sought after commodity that can be learned through time and experience within KSI.

Perseverance is important in every aspect of life, whether relating to hopes and dreams, relationships, or work; it is what keeps us, as a community, standing together.


Without the obligation to not give up, to help your friends, to learn more within the community, or to be an excellent leader, KSI would go no where.

Without the loyalty to our members and the friendships created within this community, KSI would not be what it is today.

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