Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Head Hunters: Destiny 2

Want to go up against the best of the best in the Crucible? Challenge other KSI Divisions in this season’s Destiny 2 Head Hunters!

Enter The Crucible

It’s that time people! The next season of Head Hunters, on Destiny 2, is almost here. Get sweaty.

That’s right, the recentA?Warmind DLCA?not only brought us new story content and a raid layer, but it also brought us CUSTOM MATCHES.

The last time Head Hunter teams competed in the Crucible was in the 3rd year of Destiny 1. Random weapon perks, huge play makers, No Land’s that made everyone scared to turn a corner. We all remember the days.

Things are much different now though and the Destiny 2 meta is very unforgiving. Team shooting reigns supreme. You either stay with the pack or you get picked off trying to be a hero. All weapon perks are the same, effectively leveling the playing field – or so you’d think.

Movement speed is slower, grenades take forever to regenerate and if you’re not usingA?Vigilance Wing orA?Graviton LanceA?then you’re probably getting 2-tapped by them. And so it goes.

Buckle down. Grab your squad mates and get used to the new 4v4 gametypes. Get on your Titan, Warlock or Hunter and start figuring out what weapons might possibly give you an edge over the competition.A?”Practice makes perfect.” Or maybe not so much in the Crucible? I speak from experience when I say ANYONE can be downed by a trash weapon.

The phrase “Level Advantages Disabled” is definitely a double-edged sword. Besides the usual tips – use Pulses and AR’s, bring a Nightstalker, etc. – just make sure you’re sticking with your teammates. As a rule in Destiny 2 Crucible, 1v2 encounters never end well.

Speak with your Division Leaders for information on team tryouts and stay tuned for official match schedules.

Eyes up, Guardian.

Official Head Hunters Info, Rules & Regulations

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