Game Review – PUBG: Miramar

KSI December 77 shares his thoughts about the new PUBG map: Miramar.

Ugly, But Fun

Yeah, that basically sums up the new PUBG map Miramar. It’s rotated through the Public Test Server twice now since its debut on April 25th. A drastic change from the green and woody map Erangel, Miramar is nothing but sand. It’s an open, hilly, brown desert.

Dropping down from the 100-seater plane, you feel like you’ve landed in the middle of Mexico. There are no trees. No water. No friendly faces. The only cover you’ll find is either the sand hills themselves or the crappy wooden buildings scattered throughout the map. But that’s fine…because there are still plenty of guns.

New Weapons

Miramar has all the same weapons found on Erangel plus some sweet new additions. The Winchester Model 1894 is an iron-sight-only rifle. Designed for medium to long range use, it’s as powerful as it is unforgiving.

The Sawed-off is a small shotgun that goes in your secondary slot. It’s pretty much only usable if someone is close enough to breathe on your face. That said, if you can manage to actually hit someone, they’re drop 99% of the time.

The last new edition is the R45. This pistol takes the place of the R1895 from Erangel. Equipped with a much faster reload that its predecessor, the R45 boasts the highest damage-per-shot of any pistol in the game.

New Vehicles

Get hyped all you Forza players; Miramar has two new vehicles. One of them is called a Van. And yeah, we think that’s boring too. We prefer to use the terms “Scooby-doo-mobile” or “Shaggin’ Waggon” (Thank you KSI Akame 7).

All you need to know about the Van is that it should be your absolute last choice for transportation. It can’t climb hills, it can’t turn quickly, it has awful top speed. Basically, you’d be better off running.

The other new vehicle is called the Pickup. It’s Miramar’s equivalent of the UAZ. We’re not really sure if it’s a Chevy or a Ford but we DO know that it’s more than capable of climbing hills. It can seat 4 people, making it perfect for Squads.

New Land

There are large warehouses surrounded by sand. There’s a water treatment plant and a military base (shocker, right?) both surrounded by sand. There are 4-story buildings, acres of farms and you guessed it – more sand.

If this map was a person, Clint Eastwood would have a brother. Unusually high spawn rates for the Karabiner 98 Kurz (or what we all call the Kar) mean that most snipers will be able to have some fun. Lack of consistent cover and absence of any kind of desert camo means that players with scoped guns will have a distinct advantage.


Overall, Miramar has been a good addition to PUBG. The scenery changes, the weapon and vehicle additions and the new combat environment have all been a great experience.

The only downside I could find is the lack of color, but then I guess you’d expect that from THE DESERT. Personally, I’m really looking forward to having this map in the rotation.

I can see it making this already popular game even more fun to play. All we really need now is a little Tom Hanks in that background. “Somebody’s poisoned the water hole…”

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