Halo Reach: My Journey Through the Game

Halo: Reach has impacted many gamers. Here is KSI Galahad’s journey through the game.

Where to begin

Playing Halo Reach again, for possibly the first time in years, is definitely the most joyful I’ve been recently. I especially remember this game because it was the game type for a squad called Echo in Last Strike that I had been originally recruited into. I racked up a good amount of time on this game and hosted many enjoyable game nights.

My squad mainly played the Castle Wars, which used to last for hours. It was a time where 16 members of the squad would cheer each other up with a bit of banter. When the game had first been announced, the trailer barely gave anything away. The only thing the trailer gave away was that it was Bungie’s final attempt to show how much they cared for the devoted fans, for all the years and time they had put in the collection since 2001 when Halo Combat Evolved released.

Where my Halo Reach journey began

I had first heard about the game the day I received my Xbox on Christmas day in 2009. Then, the following day, I bought Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. There was a small sticker attached to the game box saying if I bought the game I would get access to the Halo Reach: Beta when it was released later in 2010. I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try when the possibility arose.

When Halo was released, there were limited game modes. One of these game modes was called Invasion, which was exclusive to Halo Reach. Invasion was a 6v6 with an expanding objective where you had to capture zones to progress. However, there was limited time to do so or the defending team would win the match by default. It was fun while it lasted, and then the fun went away for what seemed like an eternity.

Just talking to people playing team slayer and arena gave me a smile everyday.

How this brought me into KSI

One of my friends from a prior gaming community joined KSI and invited me to join about a month after he had joined. I did so under my original KSI tag, “KSI Minos,” in June of 2013. This was a game changer for me, being that I now had an entire squad/community that enjoyed gaming and that I wasn’t shunned for it.

But as is with progress, Halo Reach’s multiplayer audience started to wither. So, the difficult decision was to move the squad onto Halo 4.

One cool aspect of the game

Compared to the normal Halo games where you played as giant green hunk of armor, Master Chief the faceless badass that he is, Halo Reach allowed armor customization. The character you use in multiplayer is the same for the story missions. It is enjoyable to see your player with the cool armor you have acquired to be put into the cutscenes enjoying himself with the rest of noble team, and finally sacrificing himself for the greater good.


If you haven’t enjoyed this game before, then I must recommend you do. Halo Reach is part of the backwards compatible games currently on offer on the Xbox One. It would be a serious mistake to not take the time to enjoy Halo Reach and the multiplayer aspect of it while there are still gamers online to enjoy it with you.

Halo Reach has followed me throughout my KSI career and it will be a game I cherish until the end of time. However, gamers will eventually move on to a new console, a new game.

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