Communication is Key!

Communication is important in every aspect of life, especially within KSI.

Communication is key

I could say this a thousand times over and still feel the need to say it again. Of course, when relating to KSI, I mean bringing your problems, ideas, questions forward.


Something I’ve been forced to learn in my life is that it is better to ask and be told no than to never ask and risk ever being told yes. Throughout the years, many people have come forward with ideas as to how to improve this community. Some ideas are used, some are not. However, wouldn’t you want to be the person who brings an idea forward for the improvement for the community as a whole?

KSI CyaKnight 7, formerly TI Co-Founder, current WD Co-Founder, and KSI Hawk6969, current Cyanide General, started the idea of using clubs for your recruit tag. This idea boosted the recruiting activity within her own squad. Once this information was brought forward, when she communicated that she’d had this idea, it boosted recruiting activity throughout the community. This brought both of them much recognition throughout the community as well as much appreciation from leaders; the club was much more simple to use than a tag.

KSI Squeek 7, former DM Co-Founder, has the idea to use a point-based reward system called Warp Tokens. She intended to use this system to boost activity within her squad by rewarding members for completing goals, winning competitions, getting recruits, etc. This idea was modified to be angled more towards use of the marvelous departments we have – News, Productions, T&E, AAP, etc. – and getting members more active on the forums. Even though this idea was not carried out by the community as a whole, it was beneficial to the squads and divisions that enforced this reward system.

If these ideas were never brought forth for the community to hear, no one would have benefitted from them.


We are a large community. With well over 2,000 people (sometimes even 4,000 or more people), problems are bound to arise. Many times in this community, people have had issues and decided not to bring them forth, ruining their own KSI experience or the experience of those around them.

There are some amazing leaders in this community, throughout and above the 11 divisions we support. Many of those leaders, especially the senior leaders, are very adept at solving problems. I have heard of many people becoming upset because a problem has not been fixed when it has not been brought to the right ears. I can say firsthand, the leaders we have are very willing to listen. If you take the time to air out your problems, someone will be able to help you. Step one is communication.


I’m sure that every single person in this community knows that we uphold the Open Door Policy. This offers a form of communication between leaders and that any leader can be contacted when it comes to answering questions and giving advice. This does not mean to bring your problems to a 7 in another division. This means that our leaders have a wide base of knowledge and have the ability to offer advice and answer questions.

Never ever be afraid to ask a question. Never feel like you will look stupid, unless you intentionally ask a stupid question. Every single person in this community comes from a different background, has fought their own battles, seen their own scars. With such a wide variety of people, any question is bound to be answered if you ask enough times.


Communication is the most important part about being a person. You have to let people around you know when you have something to say, so speak up! Leaders here have different backgrounds and whatnot, but none of us can read minds. However, we are all here for each other. I have heard countless people tell me that KSI is like family, and we are completely. We are friends, comrades, fellow gamers, family. We are here for each other, let’s use that to our advantage.

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