Game Review: For Honor

KSI Galahad speaks his opinion on the recent release, For Honor.

An Introduction

Ubisoft’s newest title has been released recently. There have been a few broken and utterly destroyed hearts during the open beta of For Honor.

Some bugs and glitch problems have turned the faithful into a angry mob, who denounce this game for its sins. I became one of those faithful, but only after playing the full game. I have come to learn that there is a rather steep learning curve to certain characters.

There are entry level “heroes” who can easily defeat these characters. The Warden is the first of these characters that you are able to control. The game highlights the easier “heroes” to control. The most difficult hero to control would be the Lawbringer. What makes the gap between characters is their purpose on the battlefield and their fighting style.

The story mode is an enjoyable experience for me, as I had expected much worse. It helps ease players into the new and interesting combat mechanic which takes your screen into third person view.


While playing the campaign, you get a chance to use all the classes except for three. The three you cannot use are one from each faction. These classes take you on a journey from the Knights to the Samurai. It illustrates how the warlord Apollyon had manipulated a world in a constant state of war. This game shows how endless battles can weigh heavy on these soldiers’ souls.

Multiplayer and Duel

Multiplayer, on the other hand, disappointed me due to constant low activity and inability to match games. Most games I have been able to play have been against an AI. However, the real fight is whenever you fight another player. The game mode “Duel,” which is a one-on-one battle against an opponent, is a battle to the death.

Multiple maps have environmental dangers such as fires, spikes and drops to the grisly death. For players, there is no camping. You have to put your mind to the test – to outwit your nemesis to win. Using your superior strength, your quick strikes, or shoving the enemy off a cliff are clever ways to win in these battles.


Even though there is a Season Pass for “For Honor”, the ghost of microtransaction present has creeped into the game. However, competing in a Duel would be a good idea for a Weekend Warfare event. I would definitely recommend For Honor because it would be good for multiplayer and competitive purposes.

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