Game Night Ideas for KSI

KSI game nights are always looking for more game modes. Here’s a few to spice things up.

If you have ever watched the YouTuber Swiftor, he has made a list of several different game modes and of his own for Call of Duty to spice up game nights and add some variety.

His games include:

  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Team Hide and Seek
  3. Simon Says
  4. Angry Shot
  5. Guard Shot
  6. Border patrol
  7. Micheal Meyers

1. Hide and Seek – Have 1 seeker and everyone else hides. Give everyone a single life so there’s no respawning. The seeker goes through, finds and kills all the people who are hiding. Basic, yet classic fun.

2. Team Hide and Seek – Have 2 teams; each side has a seeker and rest hide. Each of the seekers are trying to find and kill the opposing team’s players.  The seeker must hunt and kill all of the hiders on the opposing team. After which, the seeker must then go after the enemy team’s seeker.

3. Simon says – Every player has one life in Free For All game type. Who ever is chosen as Simon will give orders to the other players by saying “Simon says.” If Simon doesn’t first say “Simon Says” before saying an action and the players get caught, they get shot and are out. Simple, fun and classic game.

4. Angry shot – A group of people will stand in a circle. The players will try and convince each other to point their gun at a single player for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds, the host will order everyone to shoot. Whoever remains standing, wins the round, unless there are two people left standing. That’s called a showdown. A showdown involves the two remaining players to face opposite to one another. When the host yells shoot, the players must turn and shoot one another. Last man standing, wins.

5. Guard Shot – The host will spawn with dual wielded pistols and will try to kill other players that are holding Riot Shields. There are no respawns. Last man standing, wins.

6. Border Patrol – Two snipers on one team. The other team will have the remaining players, who choose a leader. This team will only hold pistols. There are no respawns. The snipers will set up in one location as the leader coaches them thru a zig zag formation toward the snipers. The snipers’ goal is to stop all of them before they get to a set spot. Whomever is left standing will when the reach the spot will then be able to shoot the snipers.

7. Michael Meyers – One person is chosen as the killer, a.k.a Michael Meyers. That player will hunt and kill all the players before time runs out. Only the last player standing is allowed to fight back. No respawns. No escape. Classic fun.

Check out Swiftor’s channel for more game modes here:

Any questions on how the game is setup or more message KSI Vocalz for more info.

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