KSI Q&A: KSI Akashi Suta

This edition of KSI Q&A focuses on KSI Akashi Suta.

Earlier this month I had the privilege to sit down and converse with one of Archangel DR’s most friendliest members, KSI Akashi Suta.

Akashi Suta is a 3LT and although he had only recently become an officer, the future is bright for someone of his fun loving personality and integrity.

When I had asked Akashi if there is any KSI member he could meet, who would it be?

He immediately answered back with ” KSI COMMAND0 7… I hear he’s a really cool guy, and a lot like me. We play a lot of similar games. I think we’d make good friends.”

Next I asked him what I might find if I went looking in his refrigerator.

“Arizona Tea, frozen pizza, and a bunch of meat.”

I pondered if there was any animal he would resemble or want to be in another life.

“A wolf,” he replied.

Curiously, I asked Akashi Suta if there was any KSI member he would let punch him in the face, and if so, who.

He laughed and said, “KSI Reigns. She paid for my name change to become a sergeant and now an officer. I owe her.”

Finally, I asked Akashi Suta if he loved KSI.

“Of course I do.”

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