Five Miinutes With KSI Gambit 7

Looking for the hard hitting questions? This is not that kind of interview! Enjoy a fun conversation with KSI Gambit 7 and find out what it’s really like to be a Mii and who his CURRENT KSI Besties are.

Following the eventful 2019 Awards Show, I sat down with The Board’s favourite resident punching bag, our beloved Gambino, to ask him a few of the community’s most burning questions. Well okay, I said the community, I meant me. I asked him a bunch of random-ass questions for the banter because anyone who knows him knows that:

  1. Gambit is a funny guy 
  2. He actually does secretly love Starbucks
  3. He’s always down to help out the community and provide humour and wisdom   
  4. He never forgets who his friends are, apart from when he does. On stream, in front of everyone. (It’s okay Riiot. We’re here for you).  
  5. The guy’s always down for a laugh – seriously thanks so much for agreeing to do this Gambit, you’re a hero.

So without further adieu here’s the interview and how it went down.

What’s it like to be a Mii inspiration? 

Gambit: You know it’s hard out here in these streets for me and for Mii (lmao). We got no control over our environment, some scrawny dude’s always yelling at us over consoles (Impyy), people making us out to be white (shout out to Bane) when we’re not you know, it’s just tough. But if I got advice for my fellow Miis out there it’s to keep your head up because you can be whatever you wanna be in this life. Like literally you can be because some dude will just crop/edit your avatar lol 

What do you have against Starbucks?  

Gambit: Easy question. Starbucks is overpriced, overrated, basic and slow. So it only makes sense that I’d rather drink Caribou which is overpriced, overrated, basic and slow. Duh. I mean if I get like a personal assistant one day when I’m rich, sure they can get me the occasional Starbucks…if they wanna be an unpaid assistant because IM NOT PAYING FOR IT! 

How long have you had the glow in the dark stars? 

Gambit: I gotta pause here to say I’m actually mad salty Ronin caught that and exposed me on stream. I was so happy that no one noticed it and he calls me out with 1 min left in the stream. Mad AF. I’ve only lived in this house with the boys for 8 months now, so that long. Lowkey, I vibe with the stars though, so don’t hate. #TwinkleTwinkle 

What’s your favourite Pizza topping? 

Gambit: That’s a no brainer: spicy sausage. Hands down. If you like pineapple on pizza, you’re blacklisted straight up. Don’t @ me about it. 

What’s your favourite KSI Moment? 

Gambit: In all honesty, when you ask that like I instantly smile because it’s not one specific time. I have so much fun being on stream and in parties where people I don’t even know roast me. That to me is hilarious and if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re trying too hard and you’ll always be upset. Also, favorite moments is when I see people that I’ve trained or mentored have their “KSI Breakthrough” when they find their passion in the community, and just go nuts on it. That makes me super happy. 

What’s your favourite Phrase? 

Gambit: I have too many phrases honestly, but as this KSI time has passed it’s not even a phrase it’s more just a scream I emit whenever I lose my mind. I’m surrounded by toxic people like Rags, Paratroops, and kitty so like I kind of have to just scream, lmao. Other than that it’d prolly be “You’re toxic AF” because that’s a fact. 

What’s your favourite game to play? 

Gambit: My Favourite game of all time is easily the Fire Emblem or Dragon Quest Series. 

Those are the first video games I ever played and I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve invested since. Also real quick, I’m super addicted to Raid Shadow Legends so for whoever reads this, if you play and are down to start a clan, hmu. If you don’t play and you wanna start, take my referral code PLEASE GOD I NEED MORE SHARDS. Sorry, not sorry. 

Who are your top 3 KSI Besties? 

Gambit: Omg KSI Besties? Is that current or like all time, you gotta specify that because no matter how I answer people are gonna kill me so I need a scape goat.. 

Um, Current… 

Gambit: Jesus you’re trying to get me killed. But if we are going by CURRENT KSI…I repeat CURRENT KSI (Cat please don’t kill me) then it be easy. First and foremost I got to shout out best friend KSI RiiOT 7. Me and that man have been sending people to the shadow realm since day 1. I recently broke his heart at the award show when I didn’t announce him as runner up for Forum staff of the year. He didn’t cancel the #GulagBois podcast though so I think he’ll forgive me. Other than that Ace is my dad that left to get cigarettes when I was 3. He came back into my life by accident so that’s tight. I’ll never call him dad though…even if there’s a fire. Last would prolly have to go to Dropshot even though he switched up on me. Dude got Div lead by a handout and then kicked me out of my own department. Dude’s a real bad guy. Stay away from him. Special mention to King as well. Even though I avoid his toxic ass at all cost.  

What’s your opinion on garden gnomes? 

Gambit: To be honest, the only gnomes I really like are the ones that take up all of Imppyys skype cam so we don’t have to look at his skeletor lookin self the whole stream.  

If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, what would you have and why?

Gambit: The dog in my house sits on the top of couches like a cat, sits down face first, deep sighs more than a teenage girl. He’s plenty exotic enough lol. But if I have to choose I’d prolly have Tyrone from the backyardigans. I’ve been told we look alike and he’s a moose that has a shirt on, no pants and Timberlands on. Dude’s fresh to death lmao 

If you found yourself marooned on a desert island what two items would you not be able to live without?  

Gambit: Raid Shadow Legends, and my debit card…so I can spend money on Raid Shadow Legends. Yeah, I’ve been told I have a problem. 

What is your favourite type of cheese? 

Gambit: Nacho cheese is the only cheese that really matters. Or just any cheese that’s melted.  

Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?  

Gambit: No shade to invisibility but flight would be the easy choice, no problem. Can I get some wings with that, please? Thank ya. 

Article By KSI xMinion

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