Don’t want to play Pokemon Go?

If you don’t want to play Pokémon Go, perhaps this article can guide you in another direction.

Is Pokémon Go getting you down?

A while back, I had wanted to play Pokémon, but because I had no money, my dreams just slipping away. I had an idea of a computer based replacement as there are many different versions available.

I had tried a program based version, of which the name escapes me, but it was not great. Not until I came across what was originally named Pokémon Indigo. I had played it for a while and quickly became addicted to it because it was a nice, free way of playing Pokémon, just not in the exact same format as the game you can get from the current line of Nintendo products.

Now its called UnovaRPG. In the same way, you start off with a starter Pokémon, but because this game spans all the way from the original to the current, X and Y, you can choose any starter from that range of games. After that you can either choose to battle the first gym, or more wisely battle Pokémon in the wild and try to catch them to improve your chances on defeating your first rival.

This may seem tedious, but there is an attractive option for defeating the leaders. As you defeat these gym leaders, you then have a chance to catch variants of the normal monsters that might give you a special advantage in what could be a dire situation.

Such as golden Pokémon, which you have a chance to catch after 22 badges obtained that will give you 10% more attack power. Sadly, I don’t have any golden’s. but there’s always a chance out there.

How does a battle work out

Quite simply, when you fight either a Pokémon in the wild or a trainer, it will give you a screen such as this above. As you can see, it give you the full option of the moves your current Pokémon has.

Also included on the screen are the name and type of the Pokémon you are battling against, as well as your own.

It quite simply is a step by step battle, which is quite a nice format as it is relatively the same as in most Pokémon games, except the movement of the sprites unless they are mega evolved

Great Things to Say about the game

What I would have to say is the most enticing sections of what the game would be:

– It’s a browser based free to play Pokémon adventure for anyone who would like to give it a try.

– It can be played on mobile devices due to an app made by the company.

-A large amount of Pokémon to try and capture that includes the entire roster from the original to the current gen, including legendries.

-All the accompanying gym leaders and special leaders such as the Elite 4, Battle frontier from all generations including that evil rival from day one of this game. Known only by his evil generic name, Blue we will defeat him with ease.

-Finally, the number of people signed up to this website is quite astounding 1,000,000 plus users making it quite a large community of Pokémon fans.

To wrap things up, I would recommend this game to anyone willing to give a try, as I have been playing this game on and off for the last couple of years. If you think you can challenge my Pokémon and defeat me, give it a try.

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