The Destiny Loot Cave is Gone…

Bungie nerfed the loot cave on Destiny. What now?

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that our precious loot cave has been nerfed. It saddens my heart to see it go, we have had a lot of good times finding tons of purple engrams only to have most of them decoded to blues and greens by the colorblind cryptarch and his grab bag of loot, but sadly the time of farming has ended for now… or has it.

Players are on the move right now looking for other places to farm all over the Destiny universe, and I can say it is only a matter of time before they find new ones and we will find ourselves shooting mindlessly hours on end at one spot.

On a lighter note Bungie will be making a few fixes to Destiny.

Some of those fixes include the evil cryptarch so now he will properly encode items you bring him, so the days of bringing him a purple only to be thwarted and given a blue will soon be over with the next update.

Along with that game chat will be fixed allowing players the option to opt in to game chat allowing them to talk to randoms not in their fire team, which could prove a great opportunity for getting some new recruits.

Other future updates to our current favorite game are more engrams in strikes and other daily and weekly missions. Bungie has heard our plea, “we want more loot from missions!”

One of my personal favorites that is coming is the toning down of the shotgun in PvP. It was never intended to be a long range one hit kill weapon and soon it will better reflect its conception blueprint. The auto rifle will be losing some range as well along with other tweaks here and there. If your ever interested in what is going on with new updates I would suggest the Bungie App as it is really cool and full of info on the game and updates.

Lastly the Iron Banner will be coming soon and it will stop those level 18 noobs from one hit killing your level 28 Warlock that you have worked so hard at building.
The iron banner will allow you to go into combat with all your armor and mods active allowing for some intense combat, low level players beware.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still trying to beat the almost impossible Raid on Vault of Glass, so good luck to all you Destiny players out there I’ll try to keep you updated and things to come in Destiny, and may the purple or better engrams be with you!

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