Destiny: Why is it So Addicting?

Since Destiny’s release a few short weeks ago, most who have gotten the game have enjoyed it. Why is that?

Destiny, Why are we all so addicted to it?!

As most of you out there can likely relate, Destiny dropped and to the dismay of bosses, teachers, significant others and family members it has been sucking up most of our free time.

What makes this game so good that we cannot put it down?

Healthy competition.

Unlike other games we can track every single thing that our friends are doing and compare how we are doing versus them, and I mean everything from gear to kills. This lets us up our game to always keep looking for the next piece of shiny gear or that new auto rifle that you just have to have.

I believe this game has been so successful in KSI and as a whole because people are just plain addicted to it. This game unlocks the most primal video game instincts, get better gear, get more guns, kill the bad guy, repeat, and do it all with the help of friends.

It’s also very helpful that those sadist’s at Bungie keep adding new things to keep us busy and have promised a year’s worth of new things to continue to keep us busy long into those red bull fueled nights.

Not to mention Vault of glass, if it’s one thing gamers hate to hear, its “you cannot beat this” because we will find a way, KSI Doctor 7 can attest to this.

My Xbox One division has had a huge jump in activity and game nights due to Destiny and it is here to stay, at least until the next big thing comes around.

So instead of getting upset that all your members took a break from the monotony that is call of duty, embrace the fact that they have something new to keep them playing long into the night and communicating with each other, because at the end of the day we are all here to have fun and game with one another.

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