Desmond Saga Part 2: Assassin’s Creed II

Ezio did not know his father was an Assassin, but now he must become one as well. the Desmond Sage Part 2, This weeks is Assassin’s Creed II

Time for the second part of my series which has a look back at the Assassin’s Creed games of old. This week its Assassin’s Creed II.

Unfortunately you don’t get to play as Altair anymore, but he is included in the story in quite a useful way. This time you play as Ezio Auditore Da Fierenze, who initially is not a fabled assassin but will become one thanks to unfortunate circumstances.

The game begins right where the last ended off, our hero is still stuck at Abstergo, the modern day front for the Templar order. He must get out and tell people about the warnings of the previous test subject. Lucy Stillman, who was one of the scientists at Abstergo. Turns out to be an Assassin, who then smuggles out of Abstergo.

She then takes him to an unknown location and meets two other assassins, Rebecca and Shaun. Unfortunately they need him to use an animus again. He must relive he memories of Ezio, Also they need to train him how to be an assassin by using the Bleeding Effect.

Florence, Italy during the 15th century is where the memories begin

After a small introduction of Ezio and his family as well as new game-play features it takes a turn for the worst when his father and brothers are hung after being trapped in a plot of power for Italia. After folllowing his fathers last piece of advice to him before he died, Ezio discovers he was apart of the creed.He then escorts his sister and mother out of Florence to his uncle, Mario.

His uncle then assists Ezio in finding out who are responsible for the conspiracy. As he slowly takes down targets that could lead him somewhere. Ezio after months of tracking down leads  finally identifies the head of the conspiracy, Rodrigo Borgia known as  “The Spaniard”.

Who wants to end the Medici family in Florence with the help of the Pazzi family from Florence as well and the Barbarigo family who resides within Venice. Ezio discovers the Spaniard is in possession of a Apple of Eden and learns that he is delusional thinking he is some kind of prohet and will lead Templars to a new age as well as to a “Vault” of those who came before.

Ezio and his close friends are able to confront the Templar and recover the apple from him, but he flees the battlefield before Ezio can kill him. A shock to all, you discover all of Ezio’s friends reveal themselves to be Assassins, they want Ezio to join the brotherhood because of his potential and what he has become.

it jumps a couple of years to where plan to kill Borgia, but could be difficult because he is now the pope at Vatican City. After a long battle, Ezio is about to end Rodrigo but spares him. Knowing it will not bring back the ones he has lost. Ezio using the two pieces of Eden (discovering the popes staff is also a piece of Eden like the apple) discovers the entrance to the so called “Vault”

As he stepped inside, a holographic figure appears before him. using Ezio as a bridge she speaks to Desmond and the present day assassins. She tells them she is from the “race that came before” the creators of the human race and yet there were wars between the two races.

A global disaster which nearly destroyed them all except a few thousand humans and even less of the advanced race, they built temples in-conjunction with the humans so this could not happen again. Before the hologram disappears she warns Desmond. After Desmond and Ezio are not sure what to think by the holograms word and the figure itself.

Shortly after the Templars have finally locates them and wants to kill them. While trying to escape with the others, they encounter Warren Vidic. As Lucy and Desmond kick the bad guys’ butt, Vidic disappears and they are on there way to a new safe house.

Lucy tells Desmond that the magnetic field of the earth has become weakened over many hundreds of years and if a solar flare were to strike it could cause the same destruction that wipe nearly all of humanity and those who came before, they need to find out how to save the earth. Desmond makes his life mission to help the assassins find these temples and hops back into the animus where he could find more clues to save the world.

Thank you for reading this, stay tuned for next week for the next exciting part of the Desmond Sage


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