Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Destiny 2: Why It Still Slays

Come along on a quest to hear the tales Destiny 2 has to offer and find out why it’s still rockin’ years after launch.

Some people say that Destiny 2 is a dead game, disparaging it in favor of a subjective opinion. There are tons of new players and old alike that would prove that remark wrong. Destiny is better than ever, and from what has been shown so far it’s only going to improve more. There are always complaints about broken load outs or weapons that people think should be fixed in any game, but Bungie has always shown the ability to listen to its player base and address issues as they appear. With the advent of Shadowkeep, they have brought Destiny 2 into a new genre.

It’s one of the first games to mix both the FPS and the MMORPG genres together. It provides an insane amount of customization to armor and weapon builds, and makes you think about your play style. Do you like unlimited grenades? Entirely possible to do now. People complain about having to grind out certain missions or strikes as they are, but they never switch up their equipment to make things more of a challenge. There is a greater sense of accomplishment from Bungie and Destiny 2 in particular than almost any other game I’ve played.


An amazing amount of people come back and continue to build on their friendships and experiences with each other. This makes it no surprise that Destiny is still capable of being such a mainstay. It’s story is in depth and complicated, with a lot of lore told in the armor and weapon descriptions. It’s an ever expanding world that truly is growing and evolving with the players themselves. It promotes teamwork with difficult endgame raids and challenges, such as the Last Wish raid below that requires six people to complete.

As you can see it’s all about teamwork, building friendships, working hard together, and overcoming obstacles. I thoroughly enjoy returning to Destiny and I know many KSI members who also keep coming back to it. Many of our members were recruited through Destiny 2 and continue to enjoy it.

There are other games that are mindless and honestly boring in this genre but, Destiny is not one of them. The only reason someone would complain about lack of content is because they don’t look deep enough. It’s always kept interesting, with multiple enemy races being added, and new consistently beautiful landscapes that hide danger everywhere There are many people who say that it’s just too grindy for them, but they don’t bother to switch things up to try and keep it interesting and fresh for themselves.


The lore behind characters and races is rich and fully developed, a world building experience that is ridiculously in depth. Each DLC has helped to expand that world even more. The lore is hidden in the planets that are vast and unexplored by the majority of players, leading to hints and clues about the direction of the game that are sometimes not discovered until they have already been added. Bungie isn’t just making a game for it’s players, it’s making a whole new world to immerse yourself in. Whoever said the world is your oyster didn’t count on Bungie. With Destiny 2, the whole solar system is your oyster, and there is a surprise around every corner to boot. Characters are built with feeling and detail, stories swimming under the surface for anyone who wants to look deeper.

Each playable race has their own backstory that fuels the world of your imagination in ways most games can only dream of. There is nothing that Destiny cannot accomplish, with their storytelling limited only by the player’s curiosity. Endgame content is driven by the players themselves and the world changes based on their interactions. Each enemy race has their own lore and reasons for why they are who they are and why they are an enemy. You’re not just given a point and shoot directive, you’re encouraged to ask why and to try new ways. The loot shooter genre is large and varied, but driven by the loot and nothing more. Destiny is not a loot shooter like most classify, it’s a story based FPS that puts you in the action. You are in control of your own destiny guardian.

All you can eat tacos?

As if that wasn’t enough for you, I’ve heard from Lord Shaxx that they’re building a Taco Bell in the tower. Go forth and destroy the enemies of Earth, and then return to the tower to feast on wondrous delights. What more could a Guardian ask for, a gun that shoots out guns maybe? Who needs that when you have a Titan who will never stop fighting, a Warlock who will never stop studying, or a Hunter who will never stop pushing friends off the nearest ledge when they go afk? Tonight, eat well and rest my friends, because tomorrow is for the victors, the survivors, and the worthy.

Article by KSI RezMeIn5

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